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The green corner in the back garden area looks pretty wild and could use a little more color. The chain link fence is not very handsome and should be laminated with suitable plants. The partially shaded area is perfect for a seat

Proposal 1: Wild-romantic rest area

A staggered, light blue glazed wooden pergola divides the rectangular garden into two rooms of different sizes. In the rear area, a round surface is created with bright, natural stone-like concrete tiles. It offers enough space for seating. The stylish end of the garden marks the pink flowered climbing rose 'Fassadenzauber' on the rose arch.

Liege next to pool

Our first design idea is a place to relax with sunbed and pool

From the seat a narrow gravel path leads to the front area. The former lawn is completely removed. Instead, foxglove, silver candle, magnificent stork-beak, golden-leaved oak and daylily are planted. The roadside is decorated with blue-red stone-seed and ivy. In between, the evergreen David's snowball grows.
Also, the garden area in front of the pergola, where the blue rain, mountain clematis (Clematis montana) and bell vine (Cobaea) climb the trellises, receives a round paved area. From the cozy lounger, the view of a small square pool of water falls. All around, bamboo primroses and aquariums flourish. In addition, ivy and ribwort take free places. Also in this part a narrow gravel path leads through the garden. The existing marginal planting of various ornamental shrubs is preserved.

Suggestion 2: White-green perennial paradise

Surrounded by trees and shrubs, white-flowering plants create a friendly atmosphere. In this example, a narrow discount is created along the existing hedge of ornamental shrubs and a wider bed opposite. In between, a lawn path leads to a lawn in the right rear garden corner. On two large, comfortable benches you can stay here. Red fuchsia trunks provide splashes of color on the seat. They are underplanted with shadow-tolerant white Hardy Lieschen.

Lawn path with trees bushes

A lawn path surrounded by trees and shrubs leads to a seat in the green

Perennials and ornamental grasses flourish in the flower beds. Here are planted tall perennials such as goatbeard, autumn anemone and superb candles in addition to medium-high representatives such as Solomon's seal, Funkie, peach-leaved bellflower, large three-pin lily and the ornamental grass forest Schmiele. For a quick covering of the soil provide Real Golden Nettle, Woodruff and False Mandrake Root. Small areas of light gray gravel bring brightness; In addition, one can do from there from any care work in the garden. Eye catchers in the beds are high steel obelisks. The ornamental shrubs on the edge are preserved. They are shown in white on the planting plans.

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