Greenhouse for the balcony - 3 variants presented

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If you do not have your own garden, you do not have to do without a greenhouse. Nowadays there are even smaller models for the balcony. I would like to introduce you to three here.

Greenhouse for the balcony - 3 variants presented

Greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because a greenhouse offers several advantages. On the one hand, you can begin sowing early, and accordingly enjoy a longer harvest time. On the other hand, heat-loving plants thrive in a greenhouse much better. A greenhouse also has an important use for tomatoes, cucumbers & Co. - it protects the plants from wind and rain.

Often a greenhouse is associated with a garden, there are already special space-saving models for the balcony. Even if you do not have a house or an apartment with a garden, you do not have to do without fruit and vegetables from your own cultivation.

Requirements for a rich harvest

If you put a greenhouse on the balcony and expect a rich harvest, some conditions must be met. This includes:

»Sufficient sunshine:

Most fruits and vegetables need enough sun to thrive. Balconies with southeast or southwest orientation are best.

»Good ventilation:

If the air is on the balcony and, accordingly, in the greenhouse, the plants are more susceptible to diseases and pests. They must therefore be used for a good climate, i. ensure adequate ventilation and ventilation.

»Optimal planters:

Of course, spreading soil on the balcony and planting it does not work. You must plant the plants in planters or, alternatively, e.g. put in a mortar bucket (with drainage!). The pots should be at least 10 liters. so that the plants have sufficient space there later.

" Note: There are also models that still have a kind of raised bed below, in which the earth comes in. Then, of course, this point will be dropped.

»Right Earth:

Do not use potting soil for vegetable cultivation, but use special potting soil. Highly recommended here is e.g. Coconut substrate (more about the advantages here) cheap at get. This has a much better water retention capacity than the normal standard peat-containing potting soil. In addition, the roots of the plant are better aerated by the loose structure. This ensures better plant growth.

Greenhouse models for the balcony

Mini greenhouse

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Normal standard balconies do not necessarily have perfect dimensions for large greenhouses. Finally, there should be room for a table and chairs to relax. But you do not have to do without it, because there are really small greenhouses. Of course, it is clear that you can not plant 10 tomato plants, 5 cucumbers and additionally salad there. For small potted plants or various herbs enough so a mini greenhouse anyway. Of course, you can also use the mini-greenhouse to grow plants for outdoor use.

Incidentally, in my research for mini-greenhouses, I came across an automatic mini-greenhouse. This is a round pot for salad and herbs, which is equipped with LED and a built-in automatic irrigation pump. Care takes care of the device itself, so to speak.

Smart mini LED greenhouse

Not cheap, but definitely space-saving and labor-saving. This and other ingenious and sometimes curious helpers for the garden can also be found at

Plastic greenhouse

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A widespread and also the cheapest method is the foil greenhouse. This is in most cases a bar frame which is covered with a foil.

Foil greenhouses are available in different sizes, so that small and larger balconies can be equipped with a corresponding greenhouse. It is important that you pay attention to the type of foil when buying. Highly recommended is thermal foil, so that the heat of the sun's rays is directed into the interior of the house.

Probably the biggest advantage of a foil greenhouse is the quite simple assembly and disassembly. When the season starts, you can set it up quickly to begin the cultivation and if the winter season is rung or threatens a storm, the film greenhouse can packed into winds Heal together and stowed to save space.

If the film is damaged, you can easily replace it without having to buy a new greenhouse. First and foremost, a foil greenhouse is for tomato plants, but you can just as well pull peppers, herbs and other vegetables there.


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The last variant here is the landing greenhouse, which is much more solid and durable than the foil greenhouse.

In the Anlehngewächshaus is a greenhouse with a flat back, which is placed to save space on a house or shed wall. The biggest advantage here is that the house wall stores the heat during the day and can deliver it to the greenhouse. So the plants get enough heat even in the late evening hours, so that a better and healthier growth is given.

Leaning greenhouses are also available in different sizes, so that everyone will find a suitable model for his balcony or even for the terrace. I have seen a large selection with different widths and depths at

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