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For the garden friend his greenhouse is the ultimate. With the self-construction of your own greenhouse, you create the best opportunities to use his individual cultures and less depending on the season and the prevailing weather to harvest vegetables, flowers or herbs. For all sensitive potted plants, the greenhouse is a comfortable winter home.
If you want to put a new greenhouse in the garden, you should plan your time and work with concentration and patience. Again, it's true: "Good things take time".
The point foundation
Decisive are the planned size and location. The best is a small greenhouse sunny. It needs a stable base to defy all storms in the future. For prefabricated sets, a single point foundation suffices as foundation.
For this you drill four holes at the later corner points of the planned greenhouse in the garden floor. The depth of the holes should be about 80 centimeters, so that the house in the future has a frost-resistant state. The side profiles from the greenhouse set are inserted into the holes. Later you pour out the holes with concrete.
The construction of a prefabricated greenhouse
Before the construction work, the study of the construction manual by the manufacturer makes necessary. The active support of a helper is needed.
Then you settle all supplied parts and compares the material lists on their completeness and quality. Also the required tool is provided.
It is best to wear work gloves. This protects you from sharp edges. The structure is successively and gradually, who skips workflows, wondering later about undesirable consequences.
Prefabricated greenhouses are usually constructed by means of a plug-in system, drilling or gluing is not necessary.
First, the floor profiles are placed on the floor at right angles while adhering to the intended shape and connected to each other. Now the front and the back wall are set up. For this you use the appropriate gable profiles. You work exactly according to instructions.
The employment of an assistant is already necessary at this point. It should hold all profiles until they are bolted together.
Then the struts between the front and rear walls and all struts of the side walls are mounted. Finally, the ridge profile and the gutter are mounted.
Now the entire aluminum frame is built. With a spirit level, the entire framework of the new small greenhouse is set up again. The whole greenhouse must always be completely level, so that all glass plates can be fitted correctly.
Finally, the doors, the skylight and all glass plates are installed.
When the greenhouse is finished, the frame is bolted to the foundation.
The strip foundation
Alternatively, a cast strip foundation stabilizes the greenhouse. To do this you need:

  • 2 structural steel mats
  • ready-mixed concrete
  • protective film cover
  • timber formwork
  • sand
  • gravel
  • spirit level
  • wooden handle
  • Wooden board 60 cm x 5 cm x 1.5 cm
First, the required pit is dug up to about 40cm depth.
Now the formwork is set up by limiting the pit with matching wooden boards on the inside.
Then a mixture of sand and gravel is introduced. The layer should be about 10 cm thick. It has to be compacted well.
Now comes the building protection film on the gravel layer, which is to protect the greenhouse from rising damp.
Now the ready-mixed concrete is mixed and brought to the film in a layer thickness of 10 cm. The concrete should also be compacted well. To do this, use the wooden board and the handle attached to it. Thus, the concrete can be compacted and smoothed by immersion and warping.
On the compacted concrete layer you put a mild steel mat on. Now follow again a compacted concrete layer and the second structural steel mat.
Finally, a concrete layer is applied, which in turn must be carefully compacted. The foundation for the greenhouse just ends with the formwork.
Impregnated wooden planks are another alternative to greening the greenhouse.
Important is the foundation, it should be dug about 70-80 centimeters:
  • The first layer should be gravel. The stones should not be too big in the foundation. Best crumble a little.
  • Then concrete comes on the gravel layer. Simple is ready-mixed concrete. The rods, which should hold the greenhouse, must be concreted in, so that the whole thing has stopped. Unless you do not need a greenhouse, which should be frost-proof. Then you can start with the greenhouse right at ground level.
It is important then that the ground is completely horizontal. There must be no bumps under the greenhouse. Then the house is not safe from bad weather. It is best to plan your suitable place where the greenhouse should stand.So that the house is stable, at least the linkage should be embedded in concrete. For this a small hole must be dug, where the linkage should come. There, then the linkage is embedded in concrete. That's enough to enjoy the greenhouse.
A little tip: Do you want to save work? Then clink your garden shed about 10 cm from the ground. This does not spoil the windows so fast.
Now you can grow your own vegetables without worrying.

Video Board: Greenhouse Base Preparation.

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