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An unheated greenhouse or a cold frame can be used in winter for storing vegetables. As it is accessible at all times, stocks are always available. Beets, tubers, radishes and carrots tolerate a few degrees below zero. However, they should be harvested before the first stronger frost because they will not easily rot in winter storage.

Store vegetables in boxes

Engraved in sand, root and tuber vegetables stay over the winter

Store vegetables properly

After harvesting, first cut the foliage one to two centimeters over the top and then beat the root or tuber vegetables with a 1: 1 mixture of coarse-grained, wet construction sand and peat in wooden crates. Always position the roots and tubers vertically or slightly at an angle. In the greenhouse, lift a 40 to 50 cm deep pit and lower the boxes into it. Leek, kale and brussel sprouts are best digged with the roots out of the bed and then lowered back into the ground in the glass or foil room. Cabbage heads can also be stored there in small straw rivets or in boxes insulated against frost.

Greenhouse winter

The greenhouse can also be used in winter

Important: frost protection

In case of heavy permafrost you should cover the surface with a thick layer of straw or dry leaves for safety, because then it can get really cold in an unheated greenhouse. For cold periods of this kind you should also keep Noppenfolie ready. It is additionally spread over the straw at night during severe frosts, but rolled up again during the day at temperatures above zero degrees. With this storage method, the vegetables remain rich in vitamins and fresh until next spring.

These vegetables can be grown in the greenhouse in winter

Lamb's lettuce

Corn salad is a typical winter vegetable that grows very well in an unheated greenhouse

In the winter months, the greenhouse can not only be used for storing vegetables or hibernating potted plants. Because even in the cold season grow here still some vegetables. Here are the winter hard head and Pflücksalate, for example lamb's lettuce, and endive wintering to call, but also winter spinach and portulac are well suited for cultivation in the greenhouse. With some luck, these leafy vegetables can even be harvested throughout the winter.

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