Build a barbecue for the balcony yourself - this is how it works!

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On many balconies is not enough space for a normal charcoal grill. All the more interesting is how you can build a stable and at the same time space-saving grill for the balcony itself and what you need for it.
Of course, a little tinkering is required for this task. In addition, one should think before starting this work exactly how the balcony grill should be designed. More precisely, how tall should he be? Is a particular shape desired, such as long and narrow or rather round and high? Should the self-built barbecue be placed on the balcony floor or maybe hung on the balcony railing?
Convert flower box made of galvanized sheet metal to grill
The balcony barbecues require little space, which can be hung on the railing like a flower box. So why not then rebuild a balcony box made of hot dip galvanized sheet metal to the balcony grill? The following is required:

  • A planter made of galvanized sheet metal or a gutter with corresponding end pieces,
  • Balcony box holder made of metal,
  • elongated grill or robust wire mesh (e.g., for gabions) slightly larger than the top of the balcony box plus multiple (disposable) grill shells,
  • Metal file and saw as well
  • Aluminum foil or a metal plate that is slightly larger than the bottom of the flower box.
And that is how it is done
  • Usually has a rectangular grill four metal pins, with which he can be hung him a commercial grill.
  • Place the grid or wire mesh on the planter or gutter. Mark the four provided anchors on the box.
  • Make four notches at the marked points with the metal file.

  • The metal plate is placed in the flower box as a reinforcement of the soil. Therefore, it should be slightly larger than the ground, so that it does not fall right down to the bottom.
  • Alternatively, you can also lay out the floor with several layers of aluminum foil or with a layer of old disposable barbecue shells.
  • If you use a wire mesh instead of a grill grate, then leave four anchors and cut with a metal file the remaining rods. So the grid can be hung later in the box.
Build BBQ grill bucket
If you prefer a round grill, you can also build a BBQ grill bucket. This procedure is similar as described above. Occasionally, the round grill grids available in the hardware store are also provided with only three metal pins. The wooden handle, which may be on the zinc bucket, should be removed as a precautionary measure, otherwise it could become greasy. To do this, hang the handle out of the bucket, remove the handle and hang up the handle again.
On the metal plate or the aluminum foil for reinforcement should not be waived. Alternatively, you can put a second smaller zinc bucket without handle as a coal container in the larger bucket. In order to avoid damage to the floor of the balcony, a stand for the homemade BBQ bucket is also advisable. This should of course be stable, so that the grill can not tip over. In addition, the stand may not consist of a combustible material. Who wants and can bend with two pliers from a thick wire a sturdy stand for his cricket bucket. You may also depending on the diameter of the bucket a few gutters (leaf catcher) mounted on the bottom of the bucket bottom.

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