Barbecue on the gas grill - 4 arguments against charcoal grill

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Steaks and sausage only taste of the charcoal grill? Error! Gas grills have crucial advantages that will impress even die-hard charcoal fans.

Gas grill benefits

Real men barbecue on charcoal that smokes, that purrs and reminds a bit of food preparation by the open fire. This opinion lasted for years, but at the latest since the development of various gas grills, even die-hard charcoal fans can convince themselves of the pleasant way of grilling.

A gas grill does not have to be deported to the category second choice. Today, the models range from the small two-peg for the balcony, to extravagant grill stations. And also the argument: "When gas grill I miss the typical charcoal aroma," may like to be shelved. In terms of price, gas grills range from 100 to well above the 1,000 euro mark.

Barbecue with gas: these are the advantages

In America, grilling with the gas grill has long been part of everyday life. We Germans are difficult to dissuade from doing without charcoal, but grilling with gas has considerable advantages:

1.Starting in just a few minutes

In contrast to the charcoal grill, which I do not want to talk bad about, the gas grill is ready to use in a few simple steps. The charcoal must first be properly dosed and then lit. Patience is needed until the coal is thoroughly cooked and the first grilled food is allowed on the grate. If you have not already done so, just press a button on the gas grill and the grill can be used immediately. When lighting up, always make sure that the lid of the gas grill is open! The quick operational readiness is particularly advantageous when spontaneous visit has announced. In no time you can serve your guests with freshly grilled.

2nd desired temperature adjustable at any time

You know this yourself, if a charcoal grill once is in motion, be careful not to burn meat and sausages. If the embers are extremely hot, the grill grate should be placed one level higher. When gas grill, the temperature can be controlled by knob as desired. How many levels are possible depends on the model. In addition, there are two grilling methods available: direct and indirect grilling.

direct barbecue - The food is placed directly on the grill bars, the process can be compared with the searing of meat. Here, high temperatures prevail, the grilled food is even faster. Suitable for steaks, fish, chicken breast or vegetables.

indirect barbecue - Slow cooking method for thick pieces of meat. Works similar to a convection oven. Only the outer grill bars are lit, so that the heat is distributed around the food. The lid remains closed, ideally a barbecue thermometer is used.

Detailed information on these two grilling methods and how you can combine the two variants can be found in the grill guide on

3. Smoke in the gas grill

Now we come back to the point "where does the gas grill the delicious smoky taste?" With the smoking or smoking you achieve at least as good, if not even more intense taste. To smoke you need so-called wood chips. These are small pieces of wood that are filled into a smoke box (metal box). For health reasons, you should not take any wood. Many types of wood are treated with pesticides and are therefore just as little as waste from construction! Pay attention to the manufacturer's information and look in the table on This offers a wonderful overview of which types of wood are suitable, how the smoke character unfolds and which grill food, which chips are suitable.

4. Easy cleaning

To clean a charcoal grill, you have to wait until the embers are completely cooled. That takes hours! Only then can you dispose of the ashes. Clean the rust with a wire brush. Sometimes here strong scrubbing is announced. When grilling the grill must also be cleaned, which is necessary for hygienic reasons alone. Heat up the grill with the lid closed, all residues will burn within a few minutes and can then be brushed off with a wire brush. Remove dripped grease in the drip tray with detergent and water, in the same way the shelves are cleaned on the grill. And already her gas grill is clean for the next round!

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