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Which plant is that? Which location does the Indian banana prefer? What does a three-master flower look like? What is the German name of Gratiola neglecta? These and many more questions answered "The Great Plant Encyclopaedia A-Z".

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The author, Christopher Brickell of the Royal Horticultural Society, the Royal British Horticultural Society, has over 200 years of expertise in his encyclopedia. For the "Royal Horticultural Society" has been dedicated to the research and dissemination of knowledge about plants since 1804. In his large plant Encyclopedia, Christopher Brickell presents over 15,500 plants and leaves almost no question about trees, shrubs, bamboo, ferns and other ornamental plants unanswered. In the identification of individual plants help over 6 000 color photos, which are supplemented by a detailed description of the plants. You will receive detailed information on characteristic features, horticultural uses and suitable locations, as well as details on frost hardiness, different propagation techniques, as well as plant cutting and frequently occurring pest and disease patterns. For orientation, the plants are sorted by Latin variety names, the additional German directory makes it possible for home gardeners easy assignment of individual specimens plants. An introduction to basic botanical terms and a glossary of technical terms complete the comprehensive plant encyclopedia.
"The Great Plant Encyclopedia A-Z" (ISBN 978-3-8310-1729-4) was edited by Dr. Ing. Nadja Biedinger and Rüdiger Seide translated into German and published by Dorling Kindersley Verlag. The encyclopedia covers 1136 pages, which are available divided into two bound volumes in a practical slipcase from € 79.95.

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