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The Steinsame is an attractive groundcover, which looks particularly attractive in rockeries. Effortless is also the care. More information here.

Pear-stars of the stone-name

Hobby gardeners are not always once when it comes to the rock garden. Some find the natural design of a hilly landscape rather dull, while others enjoy the growth of rare plants among the stones. Small-sized shrubs, which over time grow into handsome flower carpets, lend a special character to such a mini-landscape.

Highly recommended is the Steinsame (Lithodora diffusa). It blends harmoniously into the overall composition of a lively rock garden. The dwarf shrub, with its abundance of blue-flowered pearly stars, is not only attractive, but also easy to care for.

Steinsame portrayed

The stone seed reaches a stature height of just 15 to 20 centimeters and grows bushy. The branches are overhanging and quickly cover the ground.

Strong green and hairy are the leaves of the dwarf shrub. From May to June, it unfolds its flower bright pear stars.

The stone name owes its name to its ivory-colored, nut-shaped fruits. These are rock hard.

Windproof and warm it likes the dwarf shrub

Ideal for the dwarf shrub is a wind-protected, bright, partially shaded location. A place where it receives sufficient sunlight, but not in the blazing midday sun, is ideally suited.

❏ The soil should be permeable and humic
A fresh, well-drained and nutrient-rich soil prefers the Lithodora. The soil should also be humus. A neutral to acid soil is harmless.

However, avoid the use of calcareous soil, which the rocky name does not tolerate.

If you have a rather loamy and heavy garden soil, then work into this rich sand, gravel, humus or fine-grained bark mulch. It is important that at the root level of bushy mini-smoke no backwater can form.

If you plant a group of stone seeds, then choose a distance between the dwarf shrubs of 20 to 30 centimeters. The gap to other shrubs or perennials can be sized slightly larger.

❏ Pour only moderately
During the time the plant takes hold, they regularly water the stone seeds, but only so much that the soil is moist. Later, the dwarf shrub is watered only during prolonged periods of drought. Do not pour too vigorously and avoid waterlogging.

Use rainwater if possible. The bushy dwarf shrub reacts detuned to calcareous tap water.

❏ Organic is used
The nutrient requirements are covered with compost and organic long-term fertilizer. Already during the planting you should work compost into the soil as much as possible.

Before you mulch the stone seeds around the root area at the beginning of the gardening season, you should first give the soil a little longer-term fertilizer.

❏ Shed every 2 years after flowering
It is sufficient if you cut your stone seeds every 2 years after flowering. This stimulates the plant to grow stronger and bushier.

❏ A winter snow cover is advisable
The stone is good winter hardy and would need no winter protection. However, it is not excluded that it is attacked in harsh and snowy areas of winter. Cover the creeping dwarf shrub with brushwood. This protects against icy frost and keeps the melt water during the snowmelt something back.

Summary: The Steinsame is a gorgeous dwarf shrub, which makes a splash in the rock garden but also on woody groups. He prefers a sheltered warm location with permeable and nutrient-rich soil. After growth, the stone seed is only moderately poured during prolonged periods of drought. Compost and organic long-term fertilizers are sufficient for nutrient supply.

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