Plant groundcover and cover bare areas

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Ground cover plants plant bald spots

There are places in every garden that are either not very attractive, because they may be in the shade and do not grow very much - often under trees, or because there is a lot of weeds sprouting on open areas. To avoid this, you can Plant groundcover.

Groundcover grow where nothing else grows
First, these plants are very easy to maintain, often growing in the most impossible places, just where nothing else grows and above all, they grow fast. Many even grow or climb trees and thus provide even more visual stimuli.

Ground cover as a weed killer
And as a positive side effect you cover the entire soil and do not even let weeds. By the way, there are not only green contemporaries among the ground cover, but also some that bloom beautifully.

Try it, you will be thrilled and their otherwise barren places will shine in a new light. Suitable are, among other things, evergreen, ivy, cranesbill and also the very beautiful to look at gold strawberry.

Video Board: Covering tree roots with groundcover.

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