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A balcony is a dream idea for many homeowners or tenants. After all, not everyone can enjoy the direct garden access.
The balcony offers at least the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the sun.
The fact that an apartment does not have a balcony from the very beginning does not necessarily mean that you have to do without it. Finally, there are many ways to build a balcony retrospectively. Anbaubalkon is the keyword in this context.
The typical design of a cultivation balcony can already be derived by name. This balcony type is built from the outside of the house, without being integrated into it, although it is fixed in the masonry.
Cultivation balconies can be found at any height their use and even as Anbaubalkonsysteme several floors and thus apartments on different floors to supplement this Freisitzmöglichkeit.
Price-influencing factors in cultivation balconies
The cost to be spent on a growing balcony depends on many different factors.
Primarily, the desired target size is crucial, as the material cost and labor intensity increase in proportion to it. In addition, the material used also increases or decreases the price. Normally, metal and wood are the preferred materials for cultivation balconies. Also, the question of customization by a specialist company or the use of a kit with own contribution is a considerable price factor.
All in all, you have just a lot of customization options in the extension balcony. As a result, special requirements can be satisfied. However, this is also reflected in the price.
Concrete costs and prices of the cultivation balcony
An ordinary cultivation balcony without special highlights or refinements in an average size starts at a price of 2,000 euros. At the top, the investment costs are unlimited.
This cheapest price can be achieved by using a Anbaubalkon building system. This is a set that includes all the materials for the Anbaubalkon and even an assembly instructions mitliefert. Of course, the biggest cost savings will be achieved by the one who carries out the construction of the cultivation balcony on his own.
A disadvantage of such kits, however, is that they are already prefabricated and special structural conditions are disregarded.
If you want to exclude this aspect, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. In this case, only the dimensioning of a cultivation balcony comes into consideration. There are various specialist companies that do all the work from planning to balcony floor covering.
So also corners can be overcome or special forms are generated. In terms of price, however, this is clearly noticeable. Made-to-measure grow balconies start at a price of 5,000 euros.
Of course it is always more expensive with the cultivation balconies. So an integrated staircase is conceivable, which allows access to the apartment from below and the Vorplateau designed as a balcony. These stairs cost extra, so here at least a thousand more must be placed on it.
Also wishes regarding a roof or a windbreak have a price-increasing effect in the realization. Hardly any explicit costs can be mentioned here. Of course, glass elements are much more expensive than corrugated iron roofs.
If you are particularly skilled in craftsmanship, you are welcome to design and realize the extension balcony completely independently. In this case, however, you need not only manual skills but equally a planning skill.
Finally, a growing balcony must be statically stable, so you have to plan all eventualities from the ground up. However, in addition to the material costs, which amount to around 1,000 euros depending on the desired balcony type, hardly any further investments are added.
Considerable additional costs
In addition to the cost of material and possibly craftsmanship, there is still a significant cost factor, which should not be despised in the realization of a cultivation balcony. Cultivation balconies are namely subject to approval by the competent building authority. Accordingly, a planning application must be made with a submitted construction plan.
This is usually done by an architect, which in turn costs money, while even the building application itself is chargeable.

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