Horseradish growth halted

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Horseradish stop growth

Horseradish has the property to spread really uninhibited in very wet locations, if you leave it. The trick that Growth of horseradish Halting is a simple planter.

Put the planter in the ground
This is sunk into the soil, causing the growth of horseradish to be curbed. Ideal are plastic or clay containers that have holes in the bottom, so that the water outlet is guaranteed.

Minimum depth 30 cm
The container should have a depth of at least 30 cm, because then strong roots are guaranteed for the plant, which also offer great benefits in the kitchen.

For the harvest, the cultivation of horseradish in the planter is very useful, so the rootstock can be very easily potted and shaken out.

Strong roots reap, weak ones back to earth
While the strong roots are used in the kitchen, the weak roots are once again returned to the soil, in order then to obtain a kitchen maturity, in which even strong roots are formed here. It takes a bit of patience, but it's worth it.


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