Fight off the grubs of cockchafers

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Cockchafer - Melolontha

It is also helpful to collect the adult beetles when they are seen sitting on plants, shrubs and trees. If you find grubs in the ground, look around for the others. Where one is, more are not far away.
Of course, soil insecticides also help, but with chemical remedies one should only be very careful and only in an emergency range! Better is the fight with biological means, like nema-green®, thus with thread worms. The cost for about 100 m² about 15 to 25 euros. They work best between the end of April and the beginning of June and again between the beginning of September and mid-October. The treatment should take place in the evening and in overcast skies.
You should not necessarily kill a grub, just a mass infestation that occurs every few years. Otherwise, rather collect beetles and dig up grubs and then implement. Take them to the forest, to a meadow far away from your garden. When do you ever see a cockchafer? Many children and young people have never seen one. They have become so rare. You do not have to kill everything right away!

Video Board: Melolontha melolontha (Cockchafer Grub) found in compost.

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