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The trendy marble look can now be found in many households. Minimalist and elegant, this design idea can be combined with all colors and can also be easily made by yourself. With commercial nail polish we show in this article how simple plant pots are embellished to high quality and individual pieces. The sophisticated marble technique can not only be applied to small vessels, but can be applied to all porcelain items.

There are no limits to creativity here, so that you can upgrade both large tubs for the garden and fine vases for the dining table. During a trip to the cellar, you will find some forgotten raw material that has only been waiting for a revival. In our case, too, we found our small, white pots, which dusted in the dark and were allowed to enjoy the cheap beauty surgery. The pure life was breathed them by the insertion of small Herzkakteen. Also here are small plants that do not cover the beautiful flower pots. Whether lively colorful or restrained is left to your own taste. In our case, the easy-care cacti appeal to our green thumb, which is why we have them especially closed in our flowery heart.

Materials for marbling

  • white porcelain flowerpot
  • Nail polish in the color of your choice. For a natural marble look, we recommend anthracite
  • old bowl or bowl for coloring
  • lukewarm water
  • wooden skewers
  • Kitchen paper or facial tissues

Material for marbling

The required materials are manageable and do not cost much

Step by step: Marbling white flower pots

Bowl of lukewarm water

Drop nail polish into the water

First fill a bowl with lukewarm water (left) and carefully add a few drops of nail polish (right)

Nail Polish film


Nail polish is lighter than water and not soluble in water - so a thin film of paint forms on the surface (left). If you swirl gently with a chopstick or a skewer, you create a bizarre pattern (right)

Immerse and let dry

Now dipping the pots several times in the bowl with the nail polish film and then let it dry well

As already described, the marbling technique works with all white porcelain containers such as vases, cups or bowls. Also conceivable would be dark backgrounds that could be marbled with bright nail polish. Surely there is still a black pot that could tolerate white accents. Have fun experimenting.

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