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An unwanted stump can be removed in many ways, where the milling out using a stump cutter for this is usually the best option. How to handle this device and what to pay attention to with this method, you will find out here!

Irrigation of flower boxes

Gardening Guide: care

Cut lilac - so you rejuvenate old lilac trees

Lilacs do not necessarily have to be cut for a long time. In fact, especially the wild-proliferating specimens are particularly floriferous and grow lush. However, as they grow older, the plants will be outgrown and become bald. However, with the right rejuvenation cut, the bloom joy can be restored.

Hydrangea loses leaves / discards flowers - you can do that

Kumquat - Fortunella - Citrus japonica

There are several reasons why a kumquat tree loses its leaves and flowers. In winter, a loss of leaves is rarely a cause for concern, in the summer, however, appropriate countermeasures should be taken, otherwise the tree is fast bald. In this context, especially the temperature, the light and the casting units are to be checked.

Campion, Nectar, Leimkraut - Nursing Guide

Moorhen - Silene italica

Leimkräuter, carnations, carnations - superficially unspectacular plants that many hobby gardeners have not dealt with. However, if you look a little closer, highly interesting plants that still manage with the probably shortest care instructions in the world.

Gardening Guide: guide

Fertilize orchids - when, how and with what? The best 10 fertilizers

Orchids are the ideal eye-catcher for the windowsill, the balcony and in the garden. Due to the unique diversity of the plant family, many gardeners are wondering how orchid fertilizing works to provide the flowers with the proper nutrients.

Plants with white mold on leaves - that helps

healthy carnation - Armeria

White mold on leaves occurs both in the garden and in houseplants. Mold growth can have various causes and triggers. This white deposit often forms when it has been raining for a long time or when houseplants have been given too much irrigation water. With the right approach, further expansion can be sustainably prevented.

Make planters summery

Yucca palm - palm ilex - dried up

Many plant lovers are familiar with the problem, for example, when they come home from summer vacations or when the summer was very hot and some plants in pots or beds have dried or withered. Now it's time to act quickly to save and rebuild the withered specimens. It is always worth a try, especially if the roots still carry life.

Repotting house plants - instructions for popular green plants

Design flowerbed

Hardly anything characterizes a garden as much as a flowerbed. However, flowerbed is not the same flowerbed - it can be designed as individually as the garden itself. So that the heart of the garden but also really good and long-term joy, some basic rules must be observed.

Beeteinfassung made of metal - stainless steel or cast iron?

Beeteinfassung from willow

A bedding border made of willow is a decorative and natural design option for all beds in the garden. Willow rods are a sturdy material that can withstand all weather conditions. In addition to a beet enclosure made of willow can also use the wicker fence in the garden, either as a practical screen or as a demarcation to the neighboring property.

Set the bed plates - which material to choose?


There are different reasons to set a bed plate. Is it important to set design accents, or is there only the intention in the future to go with clean, dry footwear in the bed. These are, among other things, relevant criteria for the selection of the material of the bed plates.

Create flowerbed properly - design and planting

Raised bed made of wood

Of course you can buy kits for a raised bed ready. But they are usually quite expensive. It is not that hard to build a raised bed yourself - and save a lot of money. Here are some ideas and price calculations for cheap Hochbeetvarianten.

Flowering Beet - Flowering plants all year round

Create flowerbed

Dreamlike abundance of flowers on a seemingly endless journey through the seasons, so presents an evergreen bed. In order for this wishful thinking to become reality, a creative combination of perennials, bulbs and flowering shrubs is needed. Immerse yourself in our design proposals with all year round flowering plants.

Creating and designing a pebble bed - DIY instructions

Pebble bed and garden pond

A pebble bed transforms dry-sandy locations into harmonious small landscapes, easy to maintain. It offers Mediterranean or far-eastern plants a suitable habitat that even buffeting heat can stand up to. This DIY guide shows you how to create a pebble and create an aesthetic experience with a special flair.

Create your own herb bed yourself - how it works!


Fresh herbs in the kitchen, everyone wishes. To always have such herbs directly available, there is the alternative of a raised bed. This has the advantage that when picking does not have to be bent and pests, such as snails, have no chance. Creating a herbal bed by yourself is not difficult at all.

Plants and flowers as bedding border

The smaller a garden, the more difficult the unobtrusive design of the garden. The garden should be designed, of course, but especially if there is not much space available, many gardeners want to bring in as few additional elements as possible.

Create and design a patio bed

When the construction of a terrace is complete, many owners are considering how to visually enhance it.

Tips and tricks for planting beet

A colorful mix of shrubs, perennials and flowers make the beds attractive. All you need is a few trees, but perennials and flowers are usually abundant.

Build automatic irrigation yourself

Building an automatic irrigation system yourself is not as difficult as you might expect at first. However, the question is crucial for which area you would like to build an automatic irrigation system yourself. The next question is whether you want to use rainwater for irrigation or connect the irrigation system to the conventional water supply.

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