Fight Gundelrebe in the grass - this is how you get rid of the weeds

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Gundermann - Gundel vine

Tip: Remove the grass clippings immediately after mowing. Do not dispose of it on the compost, otherwise the Gundermann may spread further in the garden. The lawn should not be cut shorter than about four inches.
Change soil conditions
Although a large part of the Gundermann has been removed after manual processing of the lawn, this does not mean that it stays that way permanently. If the same conditions prevail with regard to the location and the soil conditions, the unloved plant will come back after a short time. Create optimal conditions for the grasses, Beikräuter have it hard to gain a foothold. For healthy, strong grass, the Gundel vine is not a serious competition.

Preferred site conditions of the Gundel vine

Glechoma hederacea prefers certain site and soil conditions in order to settle and to spread strongly. It is considered a pointer plant for the following conditions:
  • light shade
  • slightly damp
  • heavy ground
  • nutritious (high nitrogen, phosphate and calcium supply)
  • calcareous
  • grows even in slightly acidic soil


As with many grass weed problems, a long-term approach to control begins with a critical assessment of the location and soil conditions for the lawn. In most cases, favorable conditions for weeds present unfavorable conditions for the grasses. A combination of shade, wet soil and few nutrients will benefit weeds. For this reason, it is necessary to follow some important rules in the future. Basically, the Erdefeu probably can not be completely banished from the lawn. With a few simple tricks, however, its spread can be limited.
  • Scarify the lawn regularly
  • Do not cut grasses too short (minimum length 4-5 cm)
  • work in heavy soils some sand or grit (directly after scarifying)
  • Avoid very shady areas next to / under dense hedges and trees
  • If necessary cut back some trees (provides more light)
  • Close gaps in the lawn with lawn seeds
  • sow shady, more tolerant grass in shady locations
  • Optimize soil pH
  • on light soil: pH 6.0
  • on heavier soils: pH 7.0
You should also fertilize your lawn regularly. The nutrients do not help to displace the Gundermann, but strengthen the grasses, so that not even more weeds settle in it. However, make sure not to introduce high levels of nitrogen into the soil, otherwise you will become an involuntary breeder of the Gundel vine.
Tip: Before applying fertilizer or changing the pH with lime or other means, you should send a soil sample to a laboratory and work on the basis of the result. In the specialized trade there are starting from 20 euro appropriate sets for sending in.

weed killer

Gundermann - Gundel vine

One way to remove the Gundermann from the lawn is the use of weedkiller specially designed for grassland. A treatment is done either by spraying or pouring with the shower attachment. Only lawn weed killers may be used in the lawn. This has the following reason: The herbicides or combination products of fertilizer and weed killer can differentiate between weeds and grasses, so that no damage to the lawn must be feared. Whether the product also acts against the Gundelrebe is noted in the instructions for use or the package leaflet. In case of doubt, ask a specialist to advise you on your purchase, so that a wrong application can be ruled out.
  • Application period: May to October (preferred in spring or autumn)
  • only work against dicotyledonous plants
  • Grasses are one of the monocotyledonous plants
  • always proceed strictly after the package leaflet
  • possibly a multiple application is necessary
The majority of the active ingredients in the herbicide is absorbed by the leaves, a small part also via the roots. The active ingredients are thus distributed throughout the plant and damage them systematically. After a growth arrest finally kills the entire harmful plant.
Lawn weed killers are commercially available (usually in a spray bottle) or as a concentrate, which must be diluted with water before use. Subsequently, the product is either sprayed directly onto the Gundel vines or poured using a watering can with a shower attachment. Warm, but not too hot weather conditions accelerate the death of Gundelrebe. The effect begins after just a few hours, but it only becomes visible a few days later, when the plants die off and turn brown.
So that the weed killers can work well, enough leaf mass must be present. With just mown lawns, of course, the leaves of the weeds were removed, so that the funds can not show sufficient effect. Instead, wait a few days after mowing to apply the products.
liquid products
  • apply to dry plants
  • ideally, it should not rain for at least 6-8 hours after treatment
  • Preferably use in the evening
  • Dew or rainwater leads to unwanted dilution
  • pay attention to intensive wetting of the leaves
  • the finer the jet / nozzle, the better the wetting
  • Minimum temperature: about 10 degrees
  • Maximum temperature: about 25 degrees
  • when spraying only on windless days work
Combi products with fertilizer
  • unlike liquid products, the leaves must be dewy
  • may pour a few hours before use
  • alternatively after a rain shower apply
Dead plants should be removed from the lawn after a few days with the rake. However, do not dispose of the plant residues on the compost or in organic waste, but in the residual waste. Wear gloves during work to avoid contact with herbicide residues.

Gundermann - Gundel vine

Even if many of the herbicides are declared biologically, they can pose a hazard if misused. Be sure to pay attention to your safety during the application of the herbicides.
  • Keep children and animals indoors during treatment
  • wear gloves
  • wear protective clothing (long pants, long sleeves, closed footwear) during the spraying process
  • it may be necessary to wear protective goggles or even a face mask
  • do not work in strong wind or temperatures over 25 degrees
  • Do not breathe spray
  • Casting brew or mist must not be allowed to reach neighboring ornamental or crop plants
  • Keep distance to waters
Tip: Entering the lawn may only take place after drying. If you want to use the lawn as a lawn or playground, you have to wait until the next lawn cut.


While the Gundelrebe is considered edible for humans in small quantities and is also used as a medicinal plant, it is toxic to many mammals. If you set up an outdoor enclosure on the lawn for your rodents or rabbits during the summer, you must make sure in advance that it is free of Gundermann.
Once the Gundel vine has settled in the lawn, you will never really get rid of it. At best, herbicides will also be temporarily effective unless the conditions that originally led to the colonization of the unwanted herb are changed. A combination of weeding with a reasonable herbicidal use is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly methods.

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