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Exotic pure on the windowsill, with the Guzmanie comes an extraordinary beauty on the windowsill. If you have bought a Guzmania in the flower trade, you do not have to plant them in a pot, but can make them in a shell to the eye-catcher on the windowsill. This is how Guzmania looks like a sphere from which green elongated leaves sprout with reddish bracts.
Guzmania plants - Biodiversity from the regular forests of Central and South America
Like the pineapple, guzmania is one of the bromeliads, and what has once developed its full bloom in the rainforests of Central and South America can today become a real eye-catcher in the living room. 120 species are known in the plant and constantly new hybrids, the Guzmanie became more insensitive, so that today they can live wonderfully on the windowsill. Popular varieties at the crossings are the 'Magnifica' and also the 'Intermedia' Delights the flower friend. With a height of 60 cm and a width of 30 cm, the plant fits perfectly on any windowsill.
But who hopes for the most beautiful flower scent will be disappointed in the Guzmania, because the flowers can not spread a scent. As a rule, this plant will produce a flower in rich red shades, but there are also specimens that can shine with a yellow flower. If you take good care of the plant and take care of the developing children, buying a plant helps to ensure that you will always have that exotic beauty in your living room or another room for a lifetime.
The right irrigation - the first step to a long life
The bale of the Guzmania must be dipped in a water bath at regular intervals, but it is so robust that it can survive even small dry phase harmless. But not only the bale is longing for water, the Guzmania hopper can always tolerate a small amount of water. However, this should be done without in winter and also in time when the plant gets a flower. For the irrigation of the Guzmanie you should pay attention to lime-free water and who wants to do his Guzmania something good, which should spray from time to time, the slightly reddish leaves again and again. Anyone who does not pay attention to his gullmania, will unfortunately have to reckon with brown and withered leaves. But you can also put the plant in a water bath if you have placed a layer of gravel and shards on the bottom of the pot. It is also ideal for the plant, if they can stand next to a humidifier or a room well, because a humid climate makes the exotic beauty bloom in the best way possible.
If you are looking for the right place for your Guzmania, you should find a bright location, but here you can not get direct sunlight and glaring sun. If you have found this place, then the Guzmanie reward this with the most beautiful flowers. For the Guzmania, it depends on the right temperature, because only at the average heat of 18° C, it can develop well and will reward the good care with a magnificent flowering. If the flowering of the Guzmania begins, then the temperature in the room should be raised to 22° C. A high humidity and a lot of heat, who observes this in the care of the plant, will be rewarded with the most beautiful exotic plant splendor on the windowsill.
Propagation of exotic beauty - the children provide new plants
The climax in the life of a Guzmanie, however, is when it gets a flower, but this plant friend may indeed look forward to a short bloom, but it also means at the same time, that one must take leave of his Guzmanie. After this unique effort in the life of a Guzmania she will slowly die, the owner can be happy because he will be rewarded with several new small plants. The side shoots of the dying plant must reach half the size of the original guzmania, and then they can be planted in a flower pot. If the mother plant can simply spend her life in a shell, the so-called kindles do not have this ability. In fresh potting soil, they can grow to full size if, in addition, a mixture of sand, beech leaves, sphagnum and fern roots has been placed on the bottom of the plastic pot. But you can also mix in the potting soil a small amount of orchid substrate, which you can buy anywhere in the flower center. So the Kindel must be kept particularly moist and during the growth they can tolerate again and again a small amount of liquid fertilizer, which should still be diluted a little with water. Now, over the next two years, one has the pleasure of watching closely as the Cubs grow into a full-fledged Guzmania.
Pests on the plant - biological remedies help quickly
Anyone who wants to keep his plant healthy always has to pay attention to the condition of the funnel, because it must always be kept very clean. If this is not the case, the plant can easily rot and it will simply die without a child. Of course, the Guzmania is not spared by pests, as love scale insects the plant, but just as you can find here again and again Wollläuse. If the plant lover simply collects them from a small number of these pests, there are a large number of effective biological agents that can be easily used. As with all plants you have to pay attention to the Guzmania, that you constantly remove all withered plant parts quickly. If the Guzmanie grows in trees in their countries of origin, then it can also flower on the local windowsill, if one respects a humid climate and good care. Even if this plant is not one of the perennials in your own home, but you can improve the living atmosphere with this exotic beauty. Even as a gift, the Guzmania can inspire, and you should grab for the flower friend sometimes to the variant with a yellow blossom. Whether in the terrarium or on the windowsill, with this plant comes the wild charm of South American rainforests in German living rooms.
From the depths of the jungles of Central and South America comes a plant that, with a little care, can be the exotic beauty in the living room. The Guzmanie inspired by their deep green leaves and once in a lifetime by a beautiful flower. But after their flowering time, the greatest achievement of the Guzmania begins, because by the formation of many Kindel she ensures that after the end of her life, many new plants can colonize the windowsill.
Worth knowing about Guzmania soon
The Guzmanie comes from the northwestern South America. The original form of the Guzmania has red bracts, but many different colors have been achieved. Guzmania is one of the pineapple plants. The colorful bracts rise in the middle of a leaf rosette, which can reach a diameter of about 50 cm with time.

  • Casting as needed, in winter a little less.
  • The plant loves warmth and light, so a bright, protected from blazing sun place is ideal.
  • The temperatures should always be at least 18-23° C.
  • A relatively high humidity is absolutely necessary for a nice growth.
It is best to set up a small indoor fountain or a humidifier near the Guzmania. But daily spraying does it too. It is poured over the leaf funnel. Do not water the earth! In winter, the leaf funnel may sometimes be empty, but in summer you should make sure that there is always some water available.
  • Fertilization takes place in summer to stimulate growth.
  • The fertilization is done by spraying, about every 14 days.
  • Full fertilizer is used in a 0.1% solution.


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