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For the letter "H" of the Garden-Landscape.com glossary, we have chosen the home garden as a substitute, the space around which Garden-Landscape.com is all about.
The home garden is the garden at the house, directly at the house, and thus a living space, which occupies an outstandingly important place in the life of the garden owner.
In this home garden, he can relax properly, with some kind of movement in plant care or with a book in a deck chair under the hornbeam. This relaxation becomes more and more important in our increasingly hectic everyday life, if health is not to endure in the long run, we need a counter-proposal to this accelerated life, and the garden offers exactly this alternative: Here each plant grows on its own schedule and at its own pace, driving here is nothing, so we too patient waiting and thus brought to rest.
The gardener can track how the plants develop, a satisfaction for himself, and for his children an important part of the lesson on how life works. When this development is completed, the harvest is very often followed today: Many people do not feel well informed or even deceived by the food industry, they are focusing more on unprocessed food and thus on their own cultivation.
The gardens are not only popular with gardeners, but also with locals who do not own a garden, because they also benefit from the millions of home gardens and allotments, which are complemented by community gardens, botanical gardens, rental gardens and parks.
More and more of these inhabitants are also interested in how the public gardens and parks are laid out, so they will also discover many interesting keywords in the Garden-Landscape.com glossary.

H like home garden: which

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