Hail damage on plants - damage control tips

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If it hails, gardeners often have losses. Because hail damage in plants usually has fatal consequences. Here are 6 tips for mitigating damage.

Hail can even destroy plants

Almost every year the hail rages in our gardens and destroys numerous plants. It is a shame if the laboriously cultivated vegetable beds and salad beds are often almost completely destroyed, especially in spring. And also large shrubs and trees can of course be damaged by the hail. Unfortunately, one speaks here of force majeure against which you can not do much. In the event of a severe weather warning, you can only spread a sturdy garden fleece in time over the just-very-small garden plantlets, which can prevent some damage.

But if it has happened and the hail has badly affected your plants, then you should heed the following tips, with which they may still be saved.

Tips for limiting damage to plants

┬╗Tip 1:

Once the hail is over, you should take a look at the mess. Then you should first remove any leaves and branches from your garden.

┬╗Tip 2:

The same applies to broken branches and slashed leaves, since the latter are also rapidly affected by diseases such as e.g. a fungal attack can be afflicted. In this first cleanup, you can then take a closer look at the damage to individual plants and make valuable reconstruction work with careful pruning measures.

┬╗Tip 3:

Partly, the plants also help to carefully tie them to plant supports (such as wooden posts, wooden sticks, etc.) to quickly recover from the hail load.

┬╗Tip 4:

Completely destroyed plants should only be taken out of the plant bed after about 2 to 4 weeks of regeneration time, because sometimes nature recovers better than you can imagine.

┬╗Tip 5:

Sometimes, however, a radically pruned tree is also sufficient for apparently completely destroyed plants, and the plants will blossom again in full glory in the coming year.

┬╗Tip 6:

Many hail-damaged plants recover after about 4 to 6 weeks by themselves, although sometimes they also lost a complete annual bloom here. However, with additional fertilization you can still ensure better regeneration.

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