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All species of the Marble (Luzula) are very suitable for planting in the deep woody shade of semi-natural gardens, since they can do with very little light and over time foothills form a closed plant cover. Since they still have a tolerant root system, they are also suitable as a rhododendron companion. The snow Marbel grows in sufficiently moist soil even in sunnier locations and can be integrated well, for example, in the heather garden.


Due to their evergreen foliage, it is best to plant marble in the spring so that they can root well until next winter.

To cut

Cutting measures are usually not necessary. Plants that have been damaged by the winter sun can easily be cut off.


Hainsimsen can be easily increased by dividing or separating the daughter plants. Most species also sow themselves in the garden. Hain squirrel seeds are naturally spread by ants. The oily appendage of the seed serves the insects as food.

Diseases and pests

The robust grasses are hardly affected by diseases and pests. They also do not taste the nudibranchs.

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