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Hanging baskets would simply call amateur gardeners shamrocks. However, the differences are great: While traditional hanging baskets are simply used to hang plant pots, hanging baskets are large, water-permeable metal or plastic mesh baskets. The baskets are planted not only from above, but all around and if necessary even from below. Thus, the different summer flowers grow together in time to a thriving ball.

Lining the mesh basket

Before starting to plant, the basket is first lined with a natural material such as lawn moss, fir branches or burlap to keep the earth from trickling out. In the garden trade there are special coconut mats for this purpose. Be sure to choose an air- and water-permeable material, so that the roots of the balcony flowers can breathe later and no waterlogging occurs.

Foil restrains pouring water

A piece of perforated foil on the bottom of the basket keeps the water flowing back

So that not all the water seeps through the root ball while pouring out and runs out of the bottom of the basket, the bottom of the wire basket is lined with a piece of foil, which was previously pierced in several places with a thin nail. It holds back so much irrigation water that the humus rich potting soil can soak up and store the water for a certain amount of time.

Plant hanging basket

As a planting substrate, it is best to fill in conventional balcony potting soil, which will then be enriched with a little bit of Geohumus or expanded clay, so that it will store more water.

Hanging-Basket potting soil

The hanging basket is filled with potting soil after planting and planted

Plant your hanging basket in the middle of the center with upright growing summer flowers - for example with flour sage, vanilla flower, masculine litter or industrious Lieschen. In the border area of ​​the mesh basket and between the bars in the side wall, flowers that are slightly or more hanging are used, such as petunias, magic bells and special geranium or fuchsia varieties.
When planting, it is best to start with the hanging summer flowers, which must be inserted laterally through the bars. If necessary, cut a slot in the seal and insert the root ball from the outside. As a rule, you have to make it smaller beforehand with a sharp knife so that it fits through the grid. If the sidewalls are filled with summer flowers, the container is filled with potting soil so far that all roots are covered. Thereafter, from the center to the outside, all flowers are used, which are to grow out of the top of the hanging basket. Fill in the missing potting soil and pour in the flower arrangement after hanging up.

Further care of the hanging baskets

Always hang your hanging baskets so that the pouring water that runs down does not drip onto the cushions of your garden furniture. Ideally, there is a bed or another planter underneath, so that the water can be used twice as effectively.
Like normal flower boxes or potted plants, hanging baskets must naturally be watered daily in the summer and supplied with balcony flower fertilizer every two weeks. In addition, from time to time you should pinch out the withered shoots so that the balcony flowers can form new flower buds.

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