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The flower basket is a nice way to beautify the garden, the terrace, the balcony or the entrance to the house. They are also great for indoor use. Among the multitude of different variants of traffic lights, there is the right thing for every location. From clay pots in every color to raffia to coconut halves, there is something for everyone in a well-stocked gardener's shop. Self-made traffic lights are becoming increasingly popular. The simplest way to beautify such a vessel, may still be painting to your own taste, with colors from the hardware store. For this purpose, a monochrome, uncoated clay pot is the most suitable. Also a nice variation is the serving technique, in which you can beautify the bald pottery with motives of serving. Even raffia knotted or crocheted versions are more often found. In short, there is something for every taste.
How are hanging pylons properly planted?
When planting hanging baskets, there are a few things to keep in mind. So that you can avoid gross mistakes, here are some tips:

  • Vessels with a diameter of 30 - 45 cm have proven particularly useful in hanging baskets
  • 3 - 5 plants per pot should not be exceeded (pay attention to the individual plant size)
  • only put plants in a traffic light, which also have the same demands on the earth
  • Put potsherds on the bottom of the pot to avoid waterlogging
  • put standing plants in the middle, hanging on the edge
  • Plants that should grow down should be placed diagonally in the direction of the exterior of the pot
  • regular watering (especially on hot days) and fertilizing
  • A clay pot is better because it can store water
Suitable plants
After the question as to how planted is clarified, of course also the necessary suggestions for the planting may not be missing. Hanging teams are versatile and the type of planting can be made very variable. In principle, there are four different categories:
  • flowers
  • Herbs
  • vegetables
  • fruit
The most famous variant is the flowers. Everyone has ever seen a classic flower basket, but often you do not know what to plant yourself. Here are some suggestions: begonias, petunias, ivy, green lily, hanging geraniums, manure, frankincense, hanging bamboo or matchstick fuchsia.
Who wants to put on herbs, has a lot of choices. Almost everything is possible with herbs, only one thing should be taken care of: do not use overgrowing herbs, such as mint, or sage. Stay with the usual kitchen herbs, such as chives, dill, thyme, parsley or similar.
For vegetables in hanging staffs, there is currently only one known variant and this is the hanging tomato.
The selection of fruit choices is also limited to one variety, namely the hanging strawberry.
Advantages and disadvantages of the flower basket
One of the advantages is undoubtedly their flexible use. It finds a place almost everywhere and discreetly beautifies even the narrowest balcony or terrace. Equally advantageous are the diverse planting possibilities, which makes them attractive for the kitchen as a herbal lamp.
The disadvantage is undoubtedly that due to the size of the vessel frequent pouring occurs, especially on hot days must often be poured twice or more often. Fertilization must also take place more frequently, unless a slow-release fertilizer is used, which releases the fertilizer evenly over a longer period to the plant.
Tip: If you want to reduce the frequency of pouring, you can get a small water storage for the hanging beam. After it has been filled, it then slowly releases the water to the plants.
Further design ideas
The hanging staffs usually have brass chains that facilitate attachment to the ceiling. You can water the plants either from above or laterally. Some models also have an elevator that allows the traffic lights to be pulled down for pouring.
In a hanging beam many different plants can be used. Especially evergreen and easy-care plantings with e.g. Ivy on. If you like, you can also plant strawberries on a balcony in a hanging beam, as well as small-flowered precious periwinkles are suitable for planting hanging pommels. This plant blooms all over with white small flowers and thrives in both shade and in the sun and that throughout the year.
Depending on the taste and craftsmanship, a mackerel hanging mannequin can be knotted by itself. Instructions can be found in every well-stocked bookstore, the macrame comes in various natural shades and can be purchased in a craft or craft store.With such a handicraft, one can easily make a real hanging team unique and decoration with e.g. interlaced beads made of glass or wood gives the hanging beam a very personal touch.

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