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For paintings and framed pictures adhesive is usually not sufficient for attachment.

If you like to live with many pictures around you, you will face a problem if you want to hang these pictures in an apartment where you probably will not live endlessly. Because he usually would not want to provide the wall with many hooks or nails, which would then make a complete renovation necessary depending on the wall coating. How can you hang pictures without drilling and nails if possible?

Glue pictures to the wall - different tips
First, of course, it depends on the pictures you want to hang and on the wall where you want to hang them up.

    1. If it concerns posters or paper pictures, you can equip these pictures with an adhesive stick self-adhesive. They then work like the familiar sticky notes. Then you can glue the paper on the wall, without removing any residue and then still living somewhere else. Such a glue stick is available from 3M Scotch, for example at Modulor GmbH from 10969 Berlin unter modulor.de.
    1. If your main concern is to gather a lot of photos of your loved ones around you, you could have these photos laminated rather than frame them. If you can use a tiled wall to hang or a wall that is coated with a wallpaper made of a very durable material, such. Vinyl wallpaper, you can then simply stick the pictures on the wall. And with good adhesive pads that can be removed later without damage and without traces. Such double adhesive pads are z. From Pattex (Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, 40589 Dusseldorf, pattex.de), Tesa (tesa SE, 20253 Hamburg, tesa.de) offers them under the name Power Strips.
    1. An almost forgotten, but with some restrictions quite useful means of pinning such pictures on the wall is the good old thumbtack. She fixes images on the wallpapered wall and on wood and leaves nothing more than a tiny hole, the z. Barely noticeable on a woodchip wallpaper (if you have a lot of thumbtacks attached, you might see the holes, but with a single sweep of the wall they would usually be closed with).
  1. Even pictures in a light frame can be attached with double adhesive pads, even on any other smooth wall coating, z. B. a wall cladding made of stone or glass or with plastic plates. On the package, the adhesion per square centimeter is specified, so you can figure out which images and frames are still suitable for such attachment.

Disadvantages of gluing

    1. In addition to adhesive pads are also various special adhesive under the motto "gluing instead of drilling" offered, even so you could of course attach pictures to the wall. However, such suspended pictures are usually not removable without trace, on the contrary, the adhesives usually keep as good as they promise, when the pictures are to be removed, the picture frame often takes along a piece of wall.
  1. If the wall is coated with wallpaper, such adhesive solutions are usually eliminated anyway: Only on a few wallpapers, which produce a very smooth coating, you have a chance, the adhesive pads get off without leaving a residue - but only one chance, often remains when losing weight Hang wallpaper on the pad. The special adhesives solve when removing (or in heavy images before) almost any wallpaper from the wall.

Drilling and nailing is usually faster than you think - and it is more reliable than sticking.

Simple screw and nail fixings

    1. Pictures in neat frames, whether futuristic smooth metal frames or lush baroque wooden frames, have to be fixed to the wall anyway with stronger means. Without nails or drilling that will not work anymore, but you can get by drilling twice if you put a hook on the left and right side of the wall, between which you then stretch a (nylon) cord Clamps are attached. Of course, this works only for small pictures of low weight.
  1. You can also do with two screws, if you put a metal grid or a wooden plate in front of the wall, which is secured at the corners only against tipping. The pictures are then hung on this surface.

Another possibility: picture rails

  1. If the pictures are supposed to be on their own in magnificent frames, you would need to attach a picture rail to the top of your wall, but it must be fastened with several screws. For the pictures you need then no drill and no screws or nails: On this picture rail (gallery rail) are attached to pony ropes or steel cables, on which in turn the hooks are hung for the pictures.
    The pictures can be hung at any height on the wall and can be changed without problems and very quickly. A large selection of picture rails can be found at ASP-Galeriebedarf GmbH from 21077 Hamburg galeriebedarf.comHere you will find picture rails made of metal, wood and even those that can be installed under plaster.

The friend who inspired me to think about this topic made her picture wall in a different way, but certainly not many people have that possibility: she has a niche right in one of the walls in the living room where you could hang pictures, with whom she had problems with the decoder anyway. At some point she had the Idea: She made such a curtain rod for clamping, hanging on it nylon threads in different lengths, and attached to these your photos (in simple, light frames).
(from Halina)

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