Hawkweed: cultivation and care

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An easy-care plant that fits very well in rock gardens is the hawkweed. Read here how it is cultivated and maintained.

Hawkweed is very similar to the dandelion

The hawkweed is at first glance and from a distance quickly mistaken for the dandelion. Especially if it was planted in a flower meadow. But unlike the dandelion his light yellow, yellow-orange, sometimes even orange-red flower magic has a special charm. The hawkweed got its name because of its formerly attributed effect to improve the human eyesight.

The hawkweed, which grows between 10 and 50 centimeters tall, has an extremely long flowering period that starts in most varieties in May and lasts until October. And depending on the variety, you can use it to create a colorful flower carpet from pale yellow to red-orange in your garden.

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The orange-red hawkweed has even recently been given a special honor by being declared a district plant of the Bavarian governmental district of Schwaben.

Grow hawkweed

Hawkweed can be easily grown in rock gardens, as it copes well even with extremely dry soil. However, it clearly prefers a nutrient-rich soil and also spreads stronger there.

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Hawkweed is offered in many nurseries at reasonable prices and in a colorful variety of species.

Furthermore, this hardy plant always needs a full sun. Whereby it usually spreads by itself by failing seeds and root runners in the garden bed. If there is a lot of growth you should definitely reduce the herb accordingly.

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Of course you can also plant hawkweed in tubs. Accordingly, it is also ideal for the balcony planting.

Maintain hawkweed

If the hawkweed in a garden bed or in a meadow once too proliferates (rampant), you should quickly damming it back (for example, with a spade fight), so it does not become a nuisance. If you occasionally pluck the flowers just before withering, you automatically absorb a large growth.

For this reason, even special Staudenzuchtformen were bred in the nurseries, which have so-called sterile flowers (seedless flowers with a shorter flowering period). However, the root runners also propagate in these breeding forms of the Habichtskrautes often directly below the earth strong and must also be stopped once in a while by a groundbreaking ceremony.

Otherwise, the hawkweed is considered extremely easy to care for and does not require any horticultural work - no watering or fertilizing!

Video Board: Hairy Hawkweed - Hieracium gronovii.

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