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Green smoothies are the perfect meal for those who want to eat healthily but have little time, because fruits and vegetables contain many healthy nutrients. With a mixer, both can be quickly and easily integrated into the modern daily routine.

Healthy meal from the blender: healthy

Green smoothies are very trendy

What makes the smoothie

Smoothies are mixed drinks made from fruits and vegetables, which are finely pureed with a blender and processed into a drink by the addition of liquid. Green smoothies are so special because they also consist of leafy vegetables and raw foods such as lettuce, spinach or parsley, which usually do not end up in typical mixed drinks.

Green smoothies for a healthy diet

Vegetable smoothie

Everyone knows fruit juices, but vegetable juice also contains many valuable nutrients

Green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Green smoothies offer the opportunity to absorb enough without having to eat large amounts of raw food. While most people can not or do not want to eat a large salad every day, the mixed drink is quick to prepare and consumed even faster. The mixer ensures that the body can absorb more healthy nutrients from the raw food, because when crushing with the blender or blender, the cell structures of fruits and vegetables are broken up so that more healthy nutrients are released.

Good for the health and good for the figure

The drinkable health-care products from the blender are not only delicious and healthy, but can even help you lose weight. In your drink you can end up with green vegetables that you otherwise do not eat enough: salad leaves, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, kale, Brussels sprouts, rocket and even dandelion.

Green Smoothie

Salad mixed cheeky - the green smoothie is ready

Complement with your favorite fruit or vegetables such as strawberries, pears, tomatoes or peppers and create your very own recipes. The sweet fruit provides even more healthy nutrients and completes the taste. Vary your smoothie recipes with apples, bananas, pineapples, blueberries or oranges. If you are making green smoothies yourself, make sure the spa drink contains enough liquid in the form of water or olive oil.

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