Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels

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Nuts are good for the heart, protect against diabetes and provide a beautiful skin. Even the fact that you increase when you like to eat nuts has turned out to be a mistake. Numerous studies prove that the nuclei regulate the blood sugar level and prevent food cravings. Healthy walnuts and hazelnuts grow practically everywhere. In regions with wine-growing climate one can also harvest almonds in Germany. Macadamia nuts, pistachios, pine nuts, pecans and other specialties from the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa and South America provide even more variety on the Nibble Plan.

crack nuts

Cracking nuts does work, but the cores in the casings stay fresh for a long time

From a botanical point of view, not everything is a nut, what is called. For example, the peanut is a legume and the almonds are the kernel of a stone fruit. But they all have one thing in common: Because of their valuable ingredients, the nuts and seeds are not only a tasty snack, but also super healthy. Nuts protect against cardiovascular diseases, because they ensure a balanced cholesterol level and prevent calcification of the veins. A large US study found that consuming just 150 grams a week reduces the risk of heart attack in women by as much as 35 percent. Even the risk of diabetes is reduced by regular nut consumption. Both are mainly due to their high content of unsaturated fatty acids.


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Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: healthy

Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: healthy

Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: kernels


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Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: nuts

Sweet chestnuts, in contrast to other nuts, contain hardly any fat but considerable amounts of magnesium, potassium and B vitamins

Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: kernels

Bucheckern are true mineral bombs. Remarkably high is their iron content, which stimulates the formation of blood. Raw, the fruits are slightly poisonous - so better roast or cake with it

Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: nuts

Cashew kernels are said to prevent cancer, according to new studies. Responsible for this are phenolic acids

Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: nuts

Peanuts are the ideal evening snack: your tryptophan has a soothing effect and promotes a restful sleep. The linoleic acid also ensures beautiful skin

Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: healthy

Almonds with their high content of essential fatty acids protect against cardiovascular diseases

Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: power

For indigestion helps the nutmeg. It also makes the blood thinner. But beware: In high dosage, the spice is poisonous. From four grams onwards, the first signs of intoxication can occur in adult humans

Healthy nuts: The power of the kernels: kernels

Pistachios contain a lot of vitamin E, which scavenges free radicals. Their potassium regulates blood pressure. In addition, there is folic acid in the nuclei - an advantage for pregnant women








Nuts with their vitamins, minerals and trace elements are also considered brain food. This is mainly responsible for the B vitamins. These substances also stimulate cell division and improve the energy supply in the organism - this benefits especially athletes.

Attention allergy danger: With all the advantages - a problem brings the cores with it. They harbor a high risk of allergies. This is especially true for hazel, earth and walnut. Of nut species that you try for the first time, you should therefore first eat only a very small amount.

Healthy body thanks to pine nuts

Like most nuts, pine nuts also reduce dangerous cholesterol-induced deposits in the arteries. Because the ingredient Pinol at the same time reduces the clumping tendency of the platelets, pine nuts can help to prevent a heart attack or stroke particularly effectively.

Pine nuts on a wooden table

Pine nuts taste nutty-spicy. Because of their high fat content, they quickly go rancid

Nuts help with weight loss

The nibbling fun many people refrain from concern for the figure. It sounds paradoxical, but especially fatty nuts such as walnuts are among the most important helpers in the fight against obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Nuts fill you up for a long time, you then eat less automatically. In addition, a study of around 9,000 participants found that regular nut eaters had a 40 percent lower risk of gaining weight than those who rarely consumed nuts. In another study, the participants lost even 2.2 kilos on average, after their diet was enriched over twelve weeks pithy. The favorable composition of the various fatty acids plays an important role. Unlike animal fats in sausage or meat, nut oils lower total cholesterol in the blood and, above all, reduce "bad" LDL cholesterol. Just a handful (about 30 to 50 grams) of unsalted nuts also covers a large part of the daily requirement for vitamins and important trace elements such as thiamine, magnesium, phosphorus and copper.

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