Healthy soil in the garden - but how?

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Take a closer look at the ground

Plants can only grow if one healthy soil in the garden is available. Therefore, a garden without real soil does not work either. So it should be the goal of every gardener to be able to maintain the ecological balance.

Test the ecological balance
First, you should ask yourself if the ecological balance in the garden may be disturbed. This can be seen on a compacted soil or a soil that contains little nutrients. The best way to test this is to look more closely at the nature of the soil and also to make a pH determination.

Do not forget to fertilize
The soil should be in the center of each garden and treated in the natural way. If nutrients are missing, do not forget to fertilize or loosen up the soil a bit.

Which plants for which soil
Based on the plants, it is also easy to see which soil you have in the garden. For example, dandelion and sage grow on a very calcareous soil. Stinging nettles indicate a lot of nitrogen in the soil. Humus wealth can be seen through the chickweed and through the real chamomile. From the garden market you can also get soil activator, which should restore the balance in the garden. However, it is important that you do not interfere too much with nature.


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