Heidenelke: sowing and care of the flower of the year 2012

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As the name implies, this carnation grows in the heathland. You can also plant the heather in the garden. We explain how it works.

Heidenelke - Flower of the Year 2012

The bright pink flowering heather blossom was named the "Flower of the Year 2012" by the Nature Conservation Foundation and deserves special attention. Why? Because the actually quite robust heather in the wilderness is unfortunately very much threatened with extinction. So you do something for the protection of species and plant the heather in your garden!

The right location for the Heidenelke

Winter hardy heath lilies are doing well in rockeries, because they can spread lushly there as groundcover. Also, the approximately 20 to 30 centimeters tall flower is also suitable for bedding in sunny locations. Preference is then from this flower then mainly acidic, preferably sandy dry soils that can not form any waterlogging.


In the specialized trade nowadays heath larks are available in different flower colors, partly even with filled flower form.

Sowing the heath lily seed

The sowing of the heath lily seed takes place either already starting from February in the flower pot at the window sill or directly after the frost days in the flowerbed. Whereby it is completely sufficient if you spread the seeds as thin as possible, because the plantlets spread quickly in all directions.


The heathland owl is also ideal for planting green roofs due to its scarce water requirement.

Cultivate heather larks

➥ pouring:

Heidenelken need almost no care. Even long periods of drought usually survive without damage. However, you should sprinkle them on very hot days as early as possible in the morning.

➥ pruning:

Only if the flowers of the perennial plants have withered after a few weeks, you can cut back the heather for a more beautiful garden look. For one-year Heidenelken varieties, the pruning is unnecessary.


If you do not trim faded heather lilies right away, then the seed that is forming can provide fresh growth next spring!

➥ Propagation:

Heidenelken you can multiply well in the spring by dividing the perennials. Simply cut off part of the perennial with a spade and plant it in another location.

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