Heath shrubs must be trimmed

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Heather cut

In every garden you can find heather shrubs, also called Erika. There is also often a colorful mix of summer and winter heather. The summer heather blooms from August until well into October. The winter heather pleases the hobby gardener from December to March. Then, of course, very little flowers in the garden, the heath, however, is very reliable. However, only if you treat her from time to time a pruning. Because only then will it flower steadily.

Erika Richitg trim
If you do not truncate the Erika, you will quickly realize that it melts from below and at some point does not bloom at all. Here it behaves like the lavender. And even as the lavender is cut, the Erika must be trimmed. That means: Never cut into the wood, as it will not grow from below. The summer berries should be cut annually in spring, the winter berries in March, directly after flowering. Here it is enough to reach for the scissors every few years.

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