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The apartment is beautiful, the rent affordable, the agreed additional costs do not exceed the financial framework. Satisfied, a lease is signed. Then, after a year, a nasty surprise. The heating costs bill hits the tenant like a blow. Over 150.- Euro additional payment for heating costs. How can that be? It was saved even when heating.

On the one hand, the price of oil has risen, on the other hand, you have to consider that you have to expect an average of 17 - 22 liters of heating oil per square meter of living space. This corresponds to a cost factor of 13 - 17 euros per square meter for heating costs alone.

A high consumption suggests that either the heating system is outdated, or the thermal insulation of the house is very bad. Much heavier, however, weighs the much too low calculated advance payment of heating costs. This makes an apartment appear cheaper and therefore easier to rent. Be in any case
submit the heating and utilities bill of previous years before concluding a lease. So some nasty surprise, as in the example above, can be avoided.

Our service for homeowners:
Just make an online heating cost check for homeowners:
For example at the HeizCheck of an initiative of c2online, funded by the Federal Environment Ministry. There you will find out in a few minutes and simple clicks if your heating costs, in a 1-2 family house are okay,
and if not, what you can do about it.

Our service for tenants:
Also for tenants we offer this service, for example: at you can check if you consume too much energy, and thus your costs.
Also at // you can easily calculate your heating costs.

Our service for owners of new buildings:
Here you can compare the full costs and emissions of different heating systems!

Our service for clients:
Plan ahead of the new building, protect yourself from unpleasant surprises!

by Gabriele Sinzig-Freese

Video Board: Heating bill: How ista bills are sent to tenants.

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