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The own property is often demarcated with a blossom hedge. In contrast to cut hedges, this screen is colorful, varied and only every few years there is a Auslichtungsschnitt. Berry and fruit trees are not only an eye catcher in late summer and autumn. For many of our feathered friends, they are a welcome addition to their diet - especially when other food sources are scarce in rainy weather or colder temperatures.

Berry bushes for birds

The fruit trees are particularly good if they are planted as bird protection hedge: Elderberry, dog rose, hawthorn, chokeberry, privet, snowball or barberry adorn the garden border. If the bushes are densely set, they serve the animals as a source of food and valuable refuge and Nistmöglichkeit. Mountain ash, cornelian cherry, ornamental apple or the prickly poppy also decorate the lawn as solitary shrubs. The mountain ash with the famous "rowan berries" is at the top of the bird's popularity chart - over 60 of our native species feed on their fruits, followed by elderberry and blood red dogwood (Cornus sanguinea).

Blackbird in the berry bush

In berry bushes, birds not only find shelter, but also food

If you have enough space, plant several rows: trees like mountain ash and larger shrubs like elderberry to the rear, smaller ones like the dog roses to the front. If many species with different maturity times are chosen, the birds can, for example, from the summer on the rock pear nibble and pecking in February, the fruit of the snowball. The table is richest in late summer and autumn - and the wild fruit that leaves the birds enriches our diet as jam or juice.

Planting plan for a bird protection hedge

Ideal are offset planted rows, because so the existing stand space is used optimally by the plants and the hedge beautiful tight. The tall shrubs have a planting distance of one meter, the smaller of about 70 centimeters. So that the plants do not crush each other, two-row hedges should be at least two meters wide. The length is flexible. In our example, it's ten meters. If your bird protection hedge is to become longer, you can simply string the identical planting scheme together several times.

Planting plan bird protection hedge

Planting plan for a berry-rich bird protection hedge

1 Common viburnum (Viburnum opulus): white flowers [V-VI] and red berries
2 Cornus (Cornus mas): yellow flowers [II-III] and red fruits
3 Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra): white flowers [VI-VII] and black berries
4 Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna): white flowers [V-VI] and red fruits
5 Copper rock pear (Amelanchier lamarckii): white flowers [IV], orange yellow autumn color and blue-black fruits
6 Clematis (Euonymus europaeus): small yellow-green flowers [V-VI], orange-red autumn colors, red fruits
7 Gold currant (Ribes aureum, 2 pieces): yellow flowers [IV-V] and black berries
8 Pike Rose (Rosa glauca, 2 pieces): pink flowers [VI-VII], bluish leaves and red rosehips
9 Common honeysuckle (Lonicera xylosteum): white-yellow flowers [V-VI] and dark red fruits
10 Barberry (Berberis vulgaris, 2 pieces): yellow flowers [V] and red berries
11 Blueberry (Aronia melanocarpa): white flowers [V] and black berries
12 Ornamental quince (Chaenomeles): depending on the variety white, pink, red flowers [III-IV] and yellow quince-like fruits

Pfaffenhütchen Euonymus

The berries of the Pfaffenhütchens are on the menu of the robin. They are poisonous to humans

Robin Magnet with bright fruit decoration

The Pfaffenhütchen (Euonymus europaeus) is also known as robin bread for a good reason: the cute garden bird can not resist the luminous fruits that resemble a priestly headgear. Incidentally, it ensures the spread of up to four meters high native wild shrubs, the fruits of which are highly toxic to us humans. The seeds are excreted via the bird droppings and with a little luck they germinate. In this way, many fruit trees benefit from the flying harvesters.

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