Hedge plants - tree of life, yew and cypress

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In addition to the hedge plants presented here, there are also hornbeam and beech, cherry laurel and privet.
Profile of false cypressesFor hedge planting different varieties of C. lawsoniana are offered in yellow, green or blue-green. They all thrive equally well in sunny to partially shaded, sheltered locations. The annual growth is medium with about 30 cm. An annual pruning from the end of June is enough to keep the plants in shape.
Wording YewThe yew is certainly the best coniferous hedge plant ever. It is extremely easy to plant in sunny to shady locations and knows no pest infestation. Visually, the strong dark green yew hedges are always a feast for the eyes - they also provide an ideal background for previously created perennial borders. Yew trees grow slowly (15-25 cm / year) and therefore come out with a pruning pro from the end of June. A cut back into the old wood is easily tolerated!
Wanted poster tree of lifeThe tree of life acts as a narrow pillar in the garden often very massive and a bit monotonous. Nevertheless, it is a valuable, very frost hard hedge plant, which offers perfect privacy on narrow plant strips. The annual growth is medium with 30-40 cm. As a rule, an annual cut in July is enough to keep the hedge in shape.
Softwood hedges - critical plants for the home garden?
The three hedge plants treated here have the common feature that they belong to the conifers. Quite a popular plot of land in Germany, since the softwood hedges correspond to a high degree of German sense of order.
However, if you are fully informed about choosing the right hedge shrubs, you will most likely also read a lot of negative things about the softwood hedge. This also has its reason and its justification, because hedges, which consist exclusively of foreign coniferous trees, have only once a very limited ecological value.
In addition, the conifers in the garden have other disadvantages:

  • Mock cypresses are poisonous in all parts of plants, the yews and tree of life are very poisonous, nothing at all for the children's garden
  • Allergy sufferers should be careful with the location of coniferous wood, from the ingredients of many of these plants is known allergic potential
  • Plant remains of these plants rot very hard and can make your compost very hard
  • Softwood hedges are currently more of an old fashioned garden design and can reduce the sales value of exclusive real estate objects
  • For all these reasons, many tree nurseries are only devoted to a limited extent to the cultivation of these plants

The advantages of coniferous hedges
All three softwood plants have the advantage that they grow into very neat hedges, which on average tend to do little work. As evergreen plants, they not only offer a nearly identical look throughout the year, but also provide uniformly reliable privacy.
The softwood hedge in the wild-romantic natural garden certainly does not have to be, but in the front yard of an administrative office there is nothing wrong with such a hedge. However, you should also set up a small wild corner elsewhere for the animals of our lifeworld, with native foliage plants producing enough flowers and fruits to nourish and protect the insects and birds around them.
Therefore you do not have to have a guilty conscience if you have fallen in love with tree of life, yew or cypress and also have your very own idea how to integrate such a high quality plant in your garden. Because a garden is a piece of human life, since there are gardens, and foreign plants are quite a part of it - so the critics will certainly fail to condemn any conifers from the garden, at least not as long as it is a liberal- democratic constitution. As always, the measure is important, and the knowledge, in this case, the knowledge that trees from foreign countries can only be integrated into our environment without harm, even if native trees are given a chance in this place.


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