Hedge trimmer - gasoline, electric or battery?

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A clean cut hedge pleases every garden owner. But for an optimal result, you also need a powerful hedge trimmer. The selection in the trade is enormous with gasoline, electric or battery models. We compare advantages and disadvantages.

Hedge trimmer gasoline

At the beginning, every hedge is still small. Here, a hedge trimmer with manual operation is often sufficient to shorten the still tender shoots. However, with each passing year, the amount of work associated with this hedge trimming increases and much more experience is required to achieve a consistent cut.

With a motorized hedge trimmer, the solution is obvious. But here you are spoiled for choice. What must my hedge trimmer accomplish everything and at what price?

Many manufacturers attract prices that point to cheap products of unknown production. Brand manufacturers are usually more expensive, but cut in relevant comparisons such as Stiftung Warentest much better. As with any other tool, quality is often associated with a higher price. In terms of cutting characteristics, continuous load on large hedges and machine stability over many years, this extra cost pays off in any case.

However, the choice remains between an electric hedge trimmer with cable connection, one with battery or a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer. Every machine from these ranges has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of different hedge trimmers

Which hedge trimmer you choose is mainly due to the area you have to prune.

Gas powered hedge trimmers

Hedge trimmers with petrol have the great advantage that they are ready for use everywhere. You only need the necessary gasoline. But that is not always completely unproblematic. Gasoline hedge trimmers are equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine, which requires a gasoline-oil mixture in the exact mixing ratio. It can not be bought at all gas stations and self mixing requires a lot of effort. Some manufacturers of gasoline hedge trimmers offer you a finished mixture, but this is very expensive.

Gasoline hedge trimmers are especially suitable for commercial use. Janitorial services, community workers or green area owners often cut larger areas. Thus, the high initial costs pay at some point. A gasoline powered hedge trimmer cuts with very high power, so that a thicker branch is not a problem.

The disadvantage is the high weight of gasoline-powered hedge trimmers to call. When buying, bear in mind that when cutting hedge, you will also have to stand on a ladder and be able to handle the hedge trimmer. Also, the noise level in a gasoline hedge trimmer is not to be ignored.

Battery operated hedge trimmers

With a battery-powered hedge trimmer, the freedom of movement is just as available as with a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer. You can work flexibly and do not have to worry about a down-hanging cable. Unfortunately, the duration of use is somewhat limited. If the battery of the hedge trimmer is all, then working on the hedge is over. You can also buy a second battery to be perfectly prepared. Such a rechargeable battery you get for example at amazon.de. To recharge the batteries, you need to hook them up to an electrical outlet.

Hedge trimmer battery

Another disadvantage of hedge trimmers with battery is the performance. With larger branches, a hedge trimmer can reach its limits. In contrast to electric and gasoline powered hedge machines, the battery-powered hedge machine performs worst. The low weight, however, makes them shine again. Especially with long work or high hedge a light hedge trimmer can be beneficial.

Electrically operated hedge trimmers

An electrically operated hedge trimmer with cable connection has a big disadvantage and this consists in the entrained cable. It is drawn unnoticed at work in the branches of the hedge and even a small carelessness is enough, so it is cut in the knife. Although there is no danger in a functioning electrical system with protection of the socket via a FI-circuit breaker, but the anger in view of the work interruption is great.

Hedge trimmer electric

Most suitable are hedge trimmers with electric motor for small gardens, where trees, shrubs and hedges can be cut in the immediate vicinity of the power source. Of course, you also have the opportunity to use a cable drum to extend the range.

But a big advantage of electric hedge machines is the efficiency. With ease, even thicker branches can be severed without sacrificing performance.

Β»Stiftung Warentest - electric hedge trimmers

What should be considered when buying hedge trimmers?

Depending on your needs, you can decide for yourself which model is the right one. But there are still some important points that you should generally consider when buying, regardless of the mode.

  • both sides ground blades
  • Sword length should correspond approximately to the hedge width
  • note the given cutting thickness (required for maximum branch strength)
  • Safety circuit and quick stop function must be present
  • Sign for GS (tested safety)

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Battery operated hedge trimmerβœ” low weight
βœ” environmentally friendly
βœ” work flexibly
βœ” freedom of movement
- Duration of use only limited
- lower power
Gas powered hedge trimmerβœ” strong engine power
βœ” flexible in work assignment
βœ” freedom of movement
- High acquisition costs
- Cost of gasoline
- higher weight
- more complex repair
Electric hedge trimmerβœ” low weight
βœ” unlimited use time
βœ” high performance
βœ” suitable for small gardens and hedges
- disturbing power cable


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