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If you want an evergreen hedge, go on a shopping spree in autumn. It is important that the shrubs are planted as soon as possible so that they root before the first permafrost - this reduces the risk of leaf damage by the winter sun. You should also plant deciduous hedges in September or October. The autumn planting has the advantage that the hedge plants are already well rooted in the spring and drive out without delay.

Preparations for hedge planting

Before you start planting, you should check whether you have complied with the prescribed distance to neighboring property. Mix the excavation with plenty of mature compost before planting. The compost soil improves the air and water balance in the root area, thus promoting rooting and also provides nutrients. When you buy large hedge plants, you do not necessarily have to dig out a continuous planting trench. This is at a planting distance over 30 inches unnecessary extra work. Instead, after soil loosening, simply lay the plants along the planting line with the required distance and dig a separate round hole for each bale of soil. In addition, it has been proven to immerse the bales of potted plants in a bucket with water until they are completely soaked and no more bubbles rise before insertion.

 Cherry laurel hedge

Planting a cherry laurel hedge

Plant hedges expertly

First you lift the planting trench and improve the excavation with plenty of mature compost. Additional loosening of the trench sole makes it easier for the plants to grow later. Pay attention to the correct planting depth for the respective hedge plants! Then place the potted plants at the appropriate distance to the top of the pot bale and align it along the plant line. Finally close the planting trench with the compost soil, carefully apply the soil, sprinkle vigorously and apply bark mulch.

Plant hedges

When planting the hedge, attention must be paid to the correct planting depth

Cut back young plants

A strong pruning after planting hurts inexperienced hobby gardeners in the soul - after all, one has paid for everything. Nevertheless, you should cut all unbranched shoots by half, because only then will the new hedge quickly close and drive in the new season all the stronger again. For evergreen plants, make sure that they have enough water even in winter, otherwise dry damages can easily occur.

Here editor Dieke van Dieken explains in the video how to plant a hedge properly.

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