Protecting your herb bed from snails - that's how you can succeed even without a chemical leg

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Snails in the herb bed can make a gardener almost go white. The chemistry club is out of the question here. You do not have to, there are other methods.

Protect herbal bed from snails

Snails are incredibly important to nature and certainly contribute to a better soil quality. But as meaningful as the animals are, there are two places where you do not want to know snails: in the vegetable and herb beds.

In principle, you could of course proceed with various pesticides against snails in the herb bed. The problem is, the remedy often kills not only snails, but other beneficials that do not attack your herbs. You also want to use the herbs in your kitchen or make a tea from them. Therefore, you should never resort to chemical control agents or use agents that contain toxic or harmful substances.

Mechanically protect the herb bed

A good way to keep the herbs from snails is by mechanical means. They consist of the Beetum edging at an acute angle down protruding thin plates or strips. They prevent the snails from getting into the bed at all. To create this limit, you have several options:

  • The commercial variant
  • Equipping the border with plastic strips
  • Mount rain gutter

The commercial version is simple, but relatively expensive. You usually get them directly in the complete package with a herb bed or vegetable beds. The lateral boundary here is already extended by an outwardly projecting angle whose edge is so sharp that snails do not slip over it.

Cheaper, but with manual work, are the other two variants. As a plastic strip, you can, for example, use a plastic bedding border from the roll. The boundary strips are available in a straight, light and strongly wavy form. For fixing, simply stick the strips between the stones during the construction process or fix them with larger stones afterwards.

The last variant is quite simple and can look attractive if you use metal rain gutters. You buy a gutter and cut into suitable pieces so that you can surround the entire bed. Place the rain gutter, with the opening facing downwards, on the border. For fixing, simply select stone screws that you drill through the gutter directly into the border.

Home remedies for snail control

If you have only a few snails and you do not want to try a cumbersome permanent solution, you could fall back on home remedies. Just about every garden lover will tell you something, and you probably know some of the ideas that come from Grandmother's story:

➜ The beer trap: They dig an empty cup into the ground and pour beer into the cup. As the opening closes at ground level with the ground, the snails fall into the trap when they want to drink the beer.

➜ Salt: This is also a home remedy, but only conditionally recommended. Salt not only damages the soil but also kills the plants that come in contact with it. As the snails move through the salt, they usually distribute it in places where you still want fresh green before death.

➜ Absorb: This home remedy is very effective, harmless to snails and brings a little exercise in your evening's work. In the twilight you go with a flashlight around the herb bed and collect all the snails that you find. Turn stones over, peek under trays and pick the snails off the ground.

Dispose of slugs - but how?

The question of the question is what to do with the collected and still living snails. You can not put them on the compost pile, as they would only multiply there. Neighbor's garden is also a taboo, at least if you want a friendly relationship or not find a way to prevent the snails from returning home.

If you live in a very rural area, you can feed the snails to geese or ducks. If you have a koi pond, the snails will serve you as food.

If all these options are not available to you, a meadow or a wooded area is enough for you to suspend. However, a few hundred meters should be between your property and the meadow, so that the snails do not stop by on their journey again.

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