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Herbs can be planted everywhere

If you always want fresh herbs in the house, then you should, for example, planting herbs in the garden or on the balcony.

Herbs can be planted everywhere
Herbs can be used extensively in the garden or in the greenhouse or on the balcony or the windowsill. The advantage with herbs: They usually remain quite small and compact and are therefore also seen there where you otherwise have little space. Of course, planting herbs close to your kitchen has the added benefit of not having to go to the garden for harvesting.

Simply seize herbs
If you have seeded annuals in the spring and suddenly notice in June or July that the supply is scarce, then you can help by sown again. If you do this in June then you will be able to harvest again in the middle of July. This is also possible with perennial herbs.

Seed discs do little work
Especially popular because they do little work are seeds that are offered in so-called seed slices. The seeds are embedded in a fleece, which only needs to be laid on the ground and poured. It is best to set the pots very bright and pour the herbs regularly, then it will be something with a quick offspring.

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