Plant Herb Spiral - How to make the right choice

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Herbal spirals are extremely popular. The harvest of fresh herbs, however, succeed only if the herbs were previously set correctly.

Plant Herb Spiral - How to make the right choice

There is nothing better than using fresh herbs from the garden for cooking or? There are several ways to grow herbs. Whether in a bed or in simple pots - is allowed what pleases. Particularly popular, however, is the variant "herb spiral".

The snail-shaped planting grounds not only look extremely attractive in the garden, they also offer the opportunity to regularly harvest fresh herbs at a pleasant height. However, you will only be successful with the harvest if the herbs are set correctly.

Four seasons - four herbal zones in the spiral

Although herbs usually all have a single purpose, plants differ in their needs.

Therefore, you should always divide a herbal spiral into four zones based on site conditions:

Mediterranean zone

This is the top of the herbal spiral. Here the sun comes down very strong and the earth dries up quickly. Sand and lime go through the earth. Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, sage or thyme are included in this section.

normal zone

Although this area is dry, the herbs tend to grow in the shade. The soil is no longer mixed with too much sand, but requires humus. You can plant oregano, coriander or lemon balm in this section.

Moisture zone

Compost soil and substrate that will keep moisture hydrated are needed in this section. The soil is always moist and gives the herbs everything they need. The zone is perfect for chives or parsley.


As the name suggests, this section is very humid. Not infrequently, a small pond can be created around this zone. Water mint or watercress thrive here.

Which herbs should not you choose?

You must select the herbs to be planted according to your needs and make sure to always choose the right planting zone. But every herb can not be put into the spiral. Herbs with a high stature or deep and long roots are not suitable. This sometimes includes the lovage. If you also want to plant herbs that are not considered hardy, you should leave the herbs in their pots so that you can dig them out later.

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