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The first type of lemonade-like soft drink could be handed down from antiquity, here drinking water was provided with a dash of vinegar. When exactly our now known lemonade arose, is rather unclear - in any case, created in the 17th century at the Dresden court already "lemonades of lemons, roses, raspberries, cinnamon, strawberries and quince". In contrast, the original type of lemonade we know today can be found in England as "Lemon Squash", consisting only of water, sugar and lemon juice - a pure natural product! The citrus fruit is also namesake for the lemonade, because the word was derived from "limon" (French lemon). Therefore, it is not surprising when mixed with different lemon-like flavors new soft drinks.

Ingredients and mixing ratios for herbal sodas

The trend is clearly towards natural flavors of flowers, leaves and fruits that refine our sodas, such as the flowers of elderberry, lavender, violet and rose. Also popular are the fruity leaves of lemon balm, thyme and lemon verbena, as well as sage and mint species, spice tagetes, scented geraniums, woodruff and Gundermann. The basis is always the sour citrus fruits. For cold soft drinks you need sugar water (about 50 to 100 grams of sugar per 500 milliliters of water) or apple juice. Then you bundle herbs, squeeze them with a mortar and hang them in the liquid overnight. The next day you take them out, express them and discard them on the compost. To drink, dilute the mixture with 500 ml of sparkling water, add the juice of one to three lemons (depending on your taste) and fresh herbs stalks and serve the drink well chilled. In the hot version you cook the desired herbs in a liter of water with a little sugar and initially produces a strong tea. Let it cool down and leave to cool. Before serving, dilute it with a little soda and place herbs and lemon slices in jars.

TIP: Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is known as an ingredient for a delicious summer lemonade. Early in spring, the first stems of hardy perennials sprout and exude their pleasant fragrance. She is welcome to harvest and often, preferably the upper three to four leaf pairs. But even a near-ground pruning tolerates the plant easily and then drives out again. An ideal herb for the whole year, which can also be dried wonderfully.

Herbal lemonade with lemon balm

Herbal lemonade with lemon balm

Syrup as a basis for herbal lemonade

The basis for soft drinks can also be a syrup consisting of a sugar solution. For this boil 750 grams of sugar in one liter of water. Pour the liquid hot over the herbs, cover with lemon slices, leave for at least two days in a cool place and stir occasionally. Then strain, add 20 grams of citric acid or a cup of wine vinegar. Boil this mixture again and fill it up in bottles. The syrup lasts a few months, after opening it should be stored in the refrigerator and consume quickly - a very good basis for delicious cold drinks. Without sugar, unfortunately, it is not, because he is a good flavor carrier. Not only the Arabs, who have always enjoyed their mint tea hot and sweetened, but also the English, who invented the "Lemon Squash".

Attached elderflower syrup

Attached elderflower syrup

Recipe for elderflower syrup

For about 8 liters of syrup you need:

10-12 large elderflower umbels
2 untreated lemons
7 liters of water
50 grams of citric acid
50 grams of tartaric acid
1 kilogram of sugar

  • Cut the elderflower umbels and shake gently. Wash lemons and slice
  • Mix 7 liters of water, citric and tartaric acid
  • Add elderflower and lemon slices and leave cool and dark for two days. Stir in the sugar and let stand for another two days. Now pour the mixture through a sieve and bring to a boil
  • Hot fill the syrup in clean bottles. To serve, put the syrup cooled in a bowling vat and fill to taste with mineral water or sparkling wine. When stored cool and dark, the syrup lasts about three months


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