Harvest herbs properly

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It is best to always harvest herbs directly before flowering

Can one at the Harvest herbs do something wrong? Well, maybe not, but there are some tips on how to get more out of the herbs.

You can harvest herbs in principle throughout the year.

Harvest herbs before flowering

Especially tasty are the herbs, if you harvest them directly before flowering. Also, the leaves are particularly soft, because after flowering, they are harder.

Cut off old shoots

Old shoots should be cut off near the ground. This delays the next flowering out, because the plant has to form again new shoots.

Edible flowers

By the way, the flowers themselves can be eaten with most herbs. Try it. The flowers often have a sweetish aroma, which is another completely different taste experience.

As I said, herbs can be harvested all year, but it is ideal to harvest in bad weather. If there is a longer period of good weather, then you should give it up and wait a bit, because during this time, the herbs grow faster, which makes the aroma even more intense.

Video Board: How To Harvest Herbs - Basil Thyme And Oregano.

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