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In the heart of Upper Swabia near Bad Waldsee lies the monastery Reute on a hill. In favorable weather you can see from there the Swiss Alps panorama. With much love, the sisters have created a herb garden on the monastery grounds. With their guided tours through the herb garden they want to make people more interested again in the healing powers of nature. A crossroads with the Franciscan blessing sign in the middle divides the monastery's herb garden into four areas: In addition to "Hildegard herbs" and the healing herbs of the Bible, visitors will also find plants that are suitable for the monastery's herbage salt or the popular monastery-remedy tea blends are used.

Herbs and medicinal plants

Visitors will find various herbs and medicinal plants in Reute Abbey

Sister Birgit Bek also lives in Reute Abbey. She has always been interested in herbs and medicinal plants. But only a trial course in the Freiburg medicinal plant school and a subsequent Phytotherapy training aroused their enthusiasm for the practical handling of herbs. Her knowledge of how to make salubrious and nurturing ointments, tinctures, lotions, tea blends and herbal pillows is passed on in courses as part of the monastery's educational offerings. "The explanations of the tours and courses I always agree with the visitors and the respective age group," explains the sister. "Older people who are more likely to have leg discomfort, rheumatism, sleep problems or diabetes, are interested in very different herbs than young mothers or people who are in high demand in the workplace and are looking for a mental balance."

Herb cultivation according to organic guidelines

But not only in the monastery garden, the sisters cultivate their herbs and herbs. On the grounds of the monastery, the herbs necessary for the production of the monastery's own products grow and flourish on the open field. Just as respect and respect for creation are among the essential principles of the Reuten Franciscan women, they also determine the organic cultivation of herbs. The holistic concept also includes the most careful harvesting and drying of the herbs, which are used for high-quality salt and tea blends.

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