Herbs in the garden - and for many years

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In many gardens not only flowers sprout, it is grown vegetables and fruits and of course herbs. Herbs are in the (useful) garden a real change.

Easy care herbs

Herbs are usually very easy to care for
Who does not like to eat fresh basil on a tomato slice or fresh dill in a fish sauce? The advantage of herbs is firstly that they require little space and secondly that they are often very easy to care for. So you can, for example, in small plant pots on the windowsill, within reach of the kitchen, grow up.

Many herbs last for many years, if you pay attention to a few important points. We would like to introduce you to some herbs for perennial sowing:

  1. Oregano: It is very robust and resistant, it likes warm and sunny
  2. Peppermint: Should be contained, because it proliferates. Can be propagated via foothills
  3. Basil: Requires a sunny spot, only needs to be watered once a week.
  4. Sage: likes the sun, the heat and a well-drained soil
  5. Tarragon: Is largely undemanding, can be multiplied by division
  6. Savory: To be particularly good in the rock garden, it likes pervious soil
  7. Lovage: Also called maggie herb (because of the smell), is undemanding and grows up to 1.5 meters high
  8. Rosemary: likes a warm location and a well-drained soil
  9. Thyme: Plant early in a warm, well-drained location and do not cut too late

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