Pulling herbs on the windowsill - That's how it's done

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It is always a pity if you can not get fresh herbs from the garden in winter. The solution: pull herbs on the windowsill. We'll tell you how to do it.

Herbs can also be planted on the windowsill

The window sill makes it possible to deliver fresh herbs for the kitchen year in and year out.

Because sun and light, consistent temperatures and no onset of winter are guarantors for a continuous herbal growth in the house. So try it out for yourself and pull herbs on the windowsill.

This is especially nice in the winter time, because you do not have to resort to dried or frozen herbs to taste individual dishes. It always tastes fresh the best. In contrast to frozen products, the aroma is also much more intense.

Which herbs are suitable for growing on the windowsill?

Of course, there are certainly some herbs that thrive in the garden bed much better than on the windowsill, such as. Lovage, chives, tarragon and parsley. But there are also some herbs that are ideal for the windowsill. These include, for example:

  • oregano
  • balm
  • chervil
  • basil
  • nasturtium

Basically, you can use almost all types of herbs for window sill planting. However, it is important that you pay attention to the stature height.

Pulling herbs on the windowsill - That's how it's done

┬╗Select planter:

Ideally, place all types of herbs in individual planters and place them on the windowsill. The herbs in natural terracotta pots or in colorfully painted pottery seem to be very pretty, suitable for the respective room decoration. Herbs look very nice even in small cups.

Just plant herbs in a basket

So-called herb stalks are also very pretty to put up on the windowsill and herb garlands. These hang down directly at the window and can be equipped with several small pots.

┬╗Plants or seeds?

In principle you can use herbal plants from the garden trade for the window sill, self-raised offshoots from the field and the seeds of freshly grown plants.

┬╗Room temperature and light requirement:

The room temperature should be on average at least 18 degrees. Herbs, which prefer cooler and more shady, should be placed at the east window, the west window or even the north window. Sun-hungry herbs, however, you should always pull on a south window as possible.

┬╗Fight pests:

Unfortunately, herbs are not immune to pests on the windowsill either. Unfortunately, they are often attacked by small flies. Causes are sometimes too high humidity in the room (for example, in the kitchen), the herbs were overpoured and / or rot in the floor spreads. Therefore, you should really only water the herbs on the windowsill if necessary and dispose of them if necessary.

Herbs do not need a lot of water

In some cases, one or the other lice infestation on the herb plants has been detected. In case of infestation, it is enough if you wash off the herbs well, then allow to dry and repeat this procedure several times.

Spend herbs in the field

Even raised herbs on the window sill can be used outdoors in the spring without problems. Or you put the pots on the terrace or the balcony.

You can also plant the herbs in the garden

Of course you can use a conservatory or a greenhouse instead of a window sill all year round for herbal cultivation. The advantage of both variants is of course that even tall herbs can easily find their place in them - of course also as container plants!

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