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Of course, the editors of MEIN like to hear that: the first source of inspiration for garden design is magazines. It is followed by textbooks and only then is the Internet with videos on YouTube, pictures on Instagram and Pinterest ideas for design issues. The numerous gardening programs on television or Landesgartenschauen, on the other hand, hardly play a role in the realization of design ideas in their own garden. In contrast, many of our users are inspired by the plantings in public gardens and parks.

For Martina R., the ideas of private gardens were particularly helpful - she had subscribed to the first ten years of MY. One of our most loyal readers, by the way, is Karin W. She gets her ideas for her own garden from MYN, which she has been drawing since her first appearance in 1972. Thank you for your loyalty!
In addition to garden magazines, our reader Joachim R. trusts the expert advice of gardeners. Especially when purchasing plants have helped him personal conversations very much to avoid rookie mistakes. In addition, Joachim is a bookworm - according to his own statements, he has occasionally more garden books than some library owned. In addition to books and magazines, Ulla F. is also inspired by the Garden Motherland: English television programs such as Alan Titchmarsh's "Love your garden" or Monty Don's "Big Dreams, Small Spaces" (Youtube) are sources of ideas for Ulla. There she sees what is feasible even in a small space.

Collect suggestions on the way

Open garden gate

In the summer months, more and more garden owners are opening their private hideaways for visitors - the "open garden gate" has firmly established itself in many regions

But also on trips and at the "open garden gates" where individuals make their gardens accessible to the public on certain days, our users will find ideas and suggestions. The visitors enjoy beautiful plants, collect new design ideas for their own green or exchange care tips. Catalina P. likes to get suggestions and ideas on the day of the open gardens in Thuringia. The dates of the "Open Garden Gate" can be found on the Internet and in the local press.

Michael M. gathers inspiration, for example at Luisenpark in Mannheim. For him, this is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Europe. His recommendation: During the visits necessarily take a digital camera, as there are countless photo opportunities and suggestions for your own garden. But also in show gardens and gardens as in the "Park of the Gardens", in Pillnitz Park in Dresden, in the park of Schloss Dyck, on the island of Mainau in Lake Constance, in the "Schau- und Sichtungsgarten Hermannshof" in Weinheim or the "Keukenhof" and in "De Tuinen van Appeltern" in Holland hobby gardeners will find numerous ideas that can be realized in the home garden. Not to mention the many gardens and gardens in England that are always worth a visit.

Tulip blossom in the Luisenpark Mannheim

Tulip blossom in the Luisenpark Mannheim

Do not be afraid of failures in garden design

The motto "just try it out" is important to our users. Christine W. has already tried a lot in her garden. She is happy when her ideas succeed, even if some things do not work out. Steffen D. goes in the garden design "Pi times thumb" before. Natural garden materials are his favorites here. Antje R. is also inspired by nature. Beatrix S. recommends garden beginners to think about whether they want a colorful or rather a color-coordinated garden. Then you take a basic plantation with trees and bushes, think about where the paths are, create garden paths and divide the garden into rooms. Subsequently, for example, rose arches are integrated. Subtleties like planting flowers come later.

Whether magazines, books, private or show gardens: There are plenty of inspirations for your own garden. Gather ideas and try different things! And always remember: a garden is never finished! And if you run out of ideas, you will find many ideas from our editors in our garden design section.

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