Driving herons out of the garden pond

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The gray-tailed or heron (Ardea cinerea) is, contrary to popular opinion, quite a rare sight. The reason why the protected bird is more and more frequently seen in ponds of public parks or garden ponds is that it is increasingly deprived of natural habitat. Dried and built-up wetlands are becoming scarce and so birds are reliant on adapting and foraging in areas inhabited by us. The fact that this Koi or goldfish stocks are decimated, of course, is annoying for the hobby gardener and looking for ways and means to keep the bird away from the pond. We introduce you to some that do no harm to the bird.

Herons Schreck

A nozzle coupled to a motion detector fires water jets at larger, moving targets that approach the pond. The jet does no harm to the heron, but it certainly goes by the pleasure of poaching your pond. The devices are already available from around 70 euros. They are fast compared to other variants and can be well integrated into the pond vegetation.

Celaflor garden guard

The Celaflor garden guard sells cats, dogs, herons, rabbits, deer, martens and foxes

Artificial heron for driving out herons

As close as possible to the real egrets pretend to the real egrets that there is already a rival in this hunting area and keep the fish-robbers so far away. However, it is indeed important that the imitation is as close as possible to the living model, because the birds have a very good eyesight and are quite able to recognize a bad imitation.

To further confuse the bird, you can change the location of the imitation at irregular intervals.

Plastic heron

The heron imitation indicates that this hunting ground is already occupied and can fly off approaching herons

Network for keeping away from herons

Visually not a feast for the eyes, but very effective are nets that stretch across the pond. These not only protect against herons, who thus have no access to the water, but also prevent autumn leaves from collecting in the pond. The foliage would unintentionally increase the nutrient content during the rotting process and promote algae growth.

It is not recommended to wear nylon tights. These are not recognizable for the birds, so they have no Scheuchwirkung and can in the worst case lead to accidents in which injure the animals.

Network for keeping away from herons

A nylon net is visually not very appealing, but effective

Make mirrors to drive out herons yourself

If you have only a small pond, there is another way to drive the heron. A floating pyramidal shape with reflecting surfaces reflects the light on sunny days and dazzles the bird, making it difficult to identify its prey. These floating pyramids are available in various online shops, but you can also easily do it yourself. Cut out of floating material (for example polystyrene) a pyramid. Pay attention to a stable shape that can not be knocked over by gusts of wind. Ideal is a broad base and not too high a peak. The surfaces are then covered with aluminum foil or mirror pieces, whereby the mirror variant is better because it does not start in comparison to aluminum. For more stability, it makes sense to attach a wooden plate under the base. This should be coated with waterproof paint, so that the wood is not soaked with water. Alternatively, the pyramid can be anchored with a rope and a stone at the desired location in the pond. Another advantage of the design is that the fish can be under your protection from the heron.


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