Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots

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If you take a look at the numerous purple bells (Heuchera) in your favorite nursery, you have the desire to take as many of them home with you. With a jerk, the decision is made to redesign all pots and boxes planted with summer flowers. It usually takes a little longer to choose the most beautiful purple bells. Because it is a real challenge to decide between all of the grandiose purplish-leaved, caramel-colored, golden-yellow and apple-green varieties.

If you have found your favorites, you still need to find suitable companions. This is only particularly difficult, because purple bells look good almost to the entire autumn range and thus offer many opportunities. They are great for autumn asters, dahlias or cyclamen and can also be wonderfully combined with horned violets and pansies, which have their flower peak in the spring. In addition, they form a great contrast to grasses. It usually helps to put together two, three possible combinations in the garden center.

Heuchera and Heucherella

Today, the colorful Heuchera range is enriched by the usually narrow-leaved Heucherella varieties. These are crosses between the purple bell and the foam flower (Tiarella)

The prerequisite for purple bells to show their best side is usually a partially shaded spot. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the leaf color, the more shade the plant needs. The gelblaubige variety 'Citronella' needs, for example, full shade, otherwise she gets a sunburn. Only a little good potting soil is missing, after all, leaf beauties need the best conditions for a good start.

Lamp cleaner grass, Cushion-aster and Herbstzeitlose

Sunny October days bring forth the flowers of Lamprey Grass, Cushion-Aster and Herbstzeitlose as well as the leaf decoration of purple bell 'Paprika', autumn-red summer cypress (Kochia scoparia) and variegated milkweed (Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow')

Heucherella, a hybrid of purple bells (Heuchera) and foamy flowers (Tiarella), are quite new on the market. They are as robust as their well-known relatives, usually wintergreen and bear similar filigree flower spikes in summer. The latter is unimportant for the autumn planting, but it is worth putting the naturally multi-annual purple bells and Heucherella in their own pots next year, when they have to give way to the new summer flower pile. After all, they are an ornament all year round. Those who find no room on the balcony, has certainly in the perennial flowerbed still a gap.

Chrysanthemums, Calluna and Heuchera

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Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: pots

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Purple bells combinations in the pot

Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: ideas

The thick flower balls of chrysanthemums have found their perfect partner with broom heather (Calluna) and heuchera 'jam'

Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: plant

Pink cyclamen are surprisingly well suited for the purple bark 'jam' and blood grass. The lime-green leaves of the Siebold-Fetthenne (Sedum sieboldi), also called October fat leaf, act as mediators

Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: purple

Dahlia flowers stand out over the green-silver leaves of 'Peppermint Ice' and the red-silvery ones of 'Milan'. A shimmering zinc tub holds them all together

Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: ideas

In the white basket, whirl-leaved heather (Erica verticillata), Heuchera 'Velvet Night' and the sedge 'Frosted Curls' form a beautiful - somewhat cooler - combination

Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: ideas

Like small umbrellas, the flowers of the fat hen (Sedum spectabile 'Carl') stand above the silvery shimmering 'Velvet Night'. In between the two-colored heather 'Twin Girls' and in the background the tail of the lamp-cleaner grass 'Little Bunny' - 'Little Bunny'

Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: pots

Firefighters Red Hardy Lieschen weave themselves between the undulating leaves of 'Purple Petticoat'. The variety was rated "excellent" in the stamen sighting

Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: pots

Four wins: Heucherella 'Stoplight' with light green foliage and red leaf veins, finely spotted lamprey grass, 'Red Baron' blood grass with showy leaf tips and purple 'Coco' bells with dense dark foliage

Purple Bells: Autumnal Plant Ideas for Pots: pots

Orange "lanterns" set bright accents between yellow-green Heucherella 'Stoplight' and striped miscanthus. The violet of cushion aster and horn violet forms a nice contrast

Chrysanthemums, Calluna and Heuchera

Cyclamen, purple bells and blood grass

Dahlias in zinc tub

Erica, Heuchera and Segge

Fat hen and heath

Hardworking Lieschen and Petticoat

Heucherella, blood grass and purple bells

Lanterns, Heucherella and miscanthus

Leaf decoration in the perennial border

Who puts purple bells in the garden does not need to be afraid of snails. And not in front of the sun, because in the bed many red-leaved varieties are able to cope well with sufficiently moist soil. Tip: The yellow-orange strain 'Caramel' is also considered heat tolerant. If you put purple bells together with violet autumn asters and high fat hen, or even with white autumn anemones, you can create wonderful plant pictures.Suitable for groundcover are especially the long-tailed Heucherella varieties such as 'Sunrise Falls', 'Glacier Falls' (green with red veining) and 'Copper Cascade' (orange-yellow) - originally bred for hanging baskets.

Purple bells, autumn aster and stonecrop

The combination of purple bells, aster and high Fetthenne is a great autumn decoration for the bed

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