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Hibiscus - Marshmallow

If a fantastic flowering in abundant numbers is desired, then the hibiscus is cut back regularly and withered, dead or outdated shoots are to be removed. The upbringing in young shoots is particularly important to get the hibiscus in shape and to guarantee a dense growth with many flowers. The stronger the cut, the lusher the subsequent flowering!

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In addition to the growth direction, one reason for cutting the hibiscus is controlling the length of the branches. The longer the branches become, the heavier they become when the hibiscus is in full bloom. By regulating the length of the branches, one can prevent the branches from tilting below the weight of the flowers.
If you want to cut your hibiscus, above all, you should apply a suitable technique for the cut. The best way to make the cut is to hit the scissors above one eye. Important is the oblique cut, otherwise rainwater causes the wood to rot. Also, one should cut back the hibiscus where thin or inward growing shoots are present. This cut gives the plant more stability and a better look.
To ensure a compact growth, you can use the hedge trimmer to make the same cut as you would normally do with hedges. You should cut back the shoots by 1/3, taking into account the thicker branches and outer shoots. You should also cut hibiscus to make the plant. The denser the shoots are, the worse the plant is aerated. This poor ventilation can lead to pest infestation and diseases on the plant. The better the plant is aerated, the healthier it can grow.
In addition, one should cut back the hibiscus if the plant has become too large or has been damaged by a storm. Shoots that have been damaged must be removed by an oblique cut. The size reduction should be generous. Especially if the hibiscus obstructs other plants in growth or light and water no longer come to the plants, you should cut at this point the hibiscus. Again, it is advisable to already in the spring, the branches to cut so that the growth of neighboring plants is considered accordingly.

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