Hibiscus in the garden - tips for cultivating, caring, pruning and propagating from gardening professionals

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The hibiscus is a quite popular plant. It impresses with an enchanting flower picture with an exotic flair. Most people know the hibiscus as a houseplant, but it can also be optimally kept as a garden plant. It is important, however, that when planting and care of some things.

Anyone who has not yet gained experience with a hibiscus, but has cast an eye on the plant, should absolutely watch the video of the show Full Kanne ZDF. Here, the TV garden expert Elmar Mai gives tips on the different varieties, the care and the subject of pruning. He also shows in detail how the plant can be easily multiplied.

Then there is nothing to stop the challenge. Try it, finally you will be rewarded with a wonderful flower splendor.

Video Board: Hibiscus Plant Care : Beautiful Gardens & Plant Care.

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