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More and more people want a nice pond in their own garden, but often this fails because of the earthworks. But by a high pond, which can be built yourself, this wish is fulfilled.
Above all, no earthworks are created, as many are suitable as high ponds. Of course, this also depends on the size and whether maybe fish should swim in it.
Gabions are ideal as a high pond
In the true sense, gabions are used as privacy screens, but these can also be used for the border of a pond. These are wire racks that are filled with stones. So that these are really suitable for pond construction, there are special pond gabions. So someone can put together without earthworks and great craftsmanship this to a high pond. When two-thirds of the planned height is reached, first a tile and then the pond liner must be laid. Of course, no pointed stones may protrude, otherwise a hole can quickly arise. Then fill in the remaining stones and the pond is almost finished. Above all, there are these pond lions in different sizes and so everyone can decide for themselves how big his own pond. Of course, this also includes a pair of pliers, because the wire must also be bent.
Preliminary work always starts

  • So that the pond liner is not damaged, the soil must be freed from roots and sharp stones.
  • Thereafter, the earth should be tamped, since water has a high weight and then the earth does not yield.
  • If this step is not taken, then the earth can yield and tear the foil.
  • For this step is a vibrating plate that tamps the earth really and this really does not give.
  • The gabions are supplied in individual parts and then have to be connected with so-called C-clamps and pliers.
So everyone can determine the size itself, which of course depends on whether fish should still in the pond. If then the stones filled, and the film is designed, this can be made with a stapler. Thereafter, the film is again weighted with stones. Now is the time when finally the water can be filled. Who has time and patience, can wait until the high basin is filled with rainwater. But patience is not the strength of man and so this can also be filled with tap water.
Create the high basin with plants
Of course, the pond without plants would not really be an oasis of peace and relaxation. For this purpose, baskets and Teicherde are suitable. Of course, stones should also be put in here again, otherwise the earth will be flushed out. Above all, a pond can be built from many containers quickly and easily, since the pond is above the earth here. Of course, a pond is also suitable for this purpose, which at the same time has already installed the various pond levels and thus the plants already find the perfect water depth. If this is not the case then such steps can simply be built with stones. Because not every plant may be completely under water, but the right planting is important for the water quality and whether sufficient oxygen is contained in it. Especially if fish should be in the high pond, then it should not be too many. Goldfish are also suitable for a smaller pond, as they adapt to the environment.
Each plant needs its own habitat
If it is a rather shallow pool, then plants such as long Cyprus grass, Frozen spoon, burning buttercup and loosestrife can be used. These require a water depth of at least 15 to 30 cm. So that the water quality is always right, help certain aquatic plants, which can be used only from 30 cm. These plants include the Canadian Waterweed and the Hornwort. The Canadian Waterweed does not have a very nice name, but this is a real algae scare. The hornwort provides sufficient oxygen and, moreover, these plants do not form roots. But also fish can do something against algae, but for this the pond must be deep enough.
Fish only from a water depth of 80 cm
Of course there are more fish than the goldfish and the koi that can be put in a pond. One of these fish is the Moderlieschen, which feeds on algae and thus contributes significantly to the water quality. The fish grows only about 10 cm and can be brought to other fish in the pond. The golden orfe is a kind of sponge fish which is about 30 cm long and likes to feed on tadpoles. Of course, in a larger pond also goldfish can be set, because of course they bring a little more life in these.The Koi, however, is the most popular pond fish ever and with the different varieties, the right size can be found even in a smaller pond. Because it is important that the fish have enough space and of course enough oxygen.
An oasis of well-being
With such a pond, everyone can easily create a little oasis of well-being. It is always important that in the vessel for the pond different levels are introduced so that each plant gets the right location. So that the pond is not conquered by algae, simply help plants that bring enough oxygen in this. Of course, fish also like to do the work of algae destruction, quite naturally and above all with a great appetite. A piece of nature that can be easily built on the terrace or balcony. Suitable especially for people who are not so skilled in craftsmanship, or just have a vessel left and want to use this.
Worth knowing about the construction of a high pond shortly
A pond can be created practically everywhere:
  • in the garden,
  • in the front yard,
  • on the terrace,
  • in the yard,
  • on a roof garden
  • or on a balcony.
There are ponds in different sizes and made of different materials. Wood is the most common. A wooden high pond consists of planed, impregnated and stable wooden strips. The wooden strips are connected to each other by invisible wire ropes and arranged horizontally. So you get a massive frame. A high pond is available disassembled and usually with all accessories, such as including the weather-resistant and frost-proof pond liner. The pond liner should be 0.5 mm thick and made of non-toxic polyethylene, but also have UV, rotting, frost and root resistance. In addition, the scope of supply usually includes the required pond pump, a fountain pump and the fountain nozzles, as well as a construction manual.


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