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To put it in a nutshell - this is the working principle of a high-pressure cleaner. The water from the tap is concentrated and accelerated by means of a compressor and special nozzles. The high pressure dissolves the dirt, and at relatively low water consumption. By a garden hose runs in the same time significantly more water.

Suitable attachments for high pressure cleaners

Although a spot jet has the greatest cleaning effect, it can also develop destructive power. Therefore, it is important to choose the right pressure and the right attachment depending on the application. For concrete, tiles and other insensitive surfaces, the rotating spot jet - the so-called dirt cutter - is used, otherwise it is better to switch to a flat jet. For sensitive surfaces such as sandstone, wood or facade plaster, special care must be taken.

Special attachments expand the range of applications: surface cleaners can be used to clean wooden decks and even pebble surfaces, with brushes, glass panes and vehicles. In most cases, the pure water pressure is sufficient; if necessary, detergents can also be added to many devices via a built-in dosing unit. Many high-pressure cleaners also have a built-in heating coil, as hot water unfolds a greater cleaning effect.

High Pressure Cleaner Stihl RE129

Pressure Washer Kränzle 1050 TS T

The RE 129 Plus from Stihl (max 135 bar, max 500 l / h, about 540 ‚ā¨, left) provides a good cleaning performance. The winner of the magazine "Selbst ist der Mann" (7/2015) was the Kr√§nzle 1050 TS T (max 130 bar, max 450 l / h, about 560 ‚ā¨, right). He cleans perfectly and runs relatively quietly

As a key figure of a high-pressure cleaner, in addition to the pressure, the amount of water pumped is important because the dissolved dirt must also be washed away by sufficient water. The models from the middle price range shown here are sufficient for the usual applications in the house, yard and garden. Stronger devices pay off primarily by saving time when cleaning larger areas. When buying the accessories also plays a role: sometimes surface cleaner or other essays are already included. Other aspects include volume and the ability of some models to pump their water from a rain barrel or cistern.

When working with the high-pressure cleaner, make sure that the sharp jet of water can also throw sand or small stones through the air. Therefore, you should wear eye protection if necessary and make sure that sensitive surfaces such as the paint of your car can not be damaged. Keep enough distance from electrical appliances and electrical outlets. Particularly time-saving is the cleaning of a dirty mountain bike with the high-pressure cleaner. However, it is important that you do not hold the beam directly on the bearings and chain.

Special care do not need high pressure cleaners. However, you should empty the connected hoses before winter and store the unit in a frost-free place.

In the following picture gallery we show you how to clean different surfaces with the appropriate attachments.

High pressure cleaner spotlight

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High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: cleaners

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: pressure

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: high


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Attachments and accessories for high-pressure cleaners

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: cleaners

The dirt cutter dissolves stubborn dirt with its rotating, very hard spot beam. However, the attachment may only be used on insensitive surfaces

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: pressure

Special cleaners - for example for wooden furniture - can be attached directly to the lance of some devices such as here by Kärcher

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: cleaners

Glass panes from conservatories or greenhouses can be cleaned well with brush attachments

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: pressure

An LED display on the pistol grip shows the selected pressure level and helps to select the right attachment. How to avoid application errors (K4 Premium Full Control, max 130 bar, max 420 l / h, about 330 ‚ā¨)

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: high

Do not clean wooden decks with a hard spot jet. Otherwise, the wood fibers break and splinter, although there are differences in the hardness of the wood. With special surface cleaners, the work is easy and gentle, the plastic housing also protects against splashing water

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: high

A scrubber can be used for wooden decks. The small attachment is also good for cleaning corners, edges and steps

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: cleaners

Gravel areas are difficult to clean. Plant remains are best removed with fan brooms or leaf blowers, sticking dirt on the stones with a surface cleaner

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: high

Rain gutter and downpipe can be rid of dirt and blockages with the right accessories. A sled moves independently through the gutter

High pressure cleaners - the Saubermacher: water

The gutter and pipe cleaning set PC 20 from Kärcher is available as an accessory and also suitable for cleaning drains and pipes

High pressure cleaner spotlight

Clean wooden furniture with high-pressure cleaner

Kärcher brush attachment glass panes

Kärcher K4 Premium Full Control

Kärcher surface cleaner

Kärcher brush attachment

Clean gravel area with high-pressure cleaner

Clean gutter with high pressure cleaner

Kärcher accessory set PC 20

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