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Not every house has a balcony or terrace, which sooner or later will be a thorn in the side of many homeowners. And so it is not surprising that at some point the idea comes to build a terrace retrospectively.
The high terrace is a particularly popular choice, as it offers many advantages over the balcony and the ground floor alternative.
However, the construction by a specialist company is a significant cost factor, but you can easily handle the self-construction of a high terrace.
Benefits of the high terrace opposite the balcony and the walk-in veranda
In summary, a high terrace combines the advantages of a balcony and a ground-level terrace, but excludes the disadvantages.
Why a high terrace is preferable to the balcony, is obvious. A balcony is usually found in the upper floors of a house, so direct access from the balcony to the garden is not mandatory and possible.
However, the advantage of the ground-level terrace opposite lies precisely in the higher position of the high terrace. A high terrace is different than the ground level variant, as the name implies, built elevated, so you have a perfect view of the entire garden, such as a balcony.
Especially those who have small children in the house, appreciate on a high terrace, that the height is not dangerous and therefore the children can play unattended on the terrace. Moreover, it is not like the usual terraces, which are often a kind of sink in the terrain, prone to moisture and puddling.
In addition, a high terrace protects against unpleasant animal visitors, who are often attracted by food crumbs on the terrace floor. The access to the garden remains at a high terrace, however, given that there are no major heights to overcome and simple stair structures, which can also be built yourself, completely sufficient.
And last but not least, a high terrace also requires the approval of the building authorities, but these are mostly constructions that can be erected quickly and easily, but can also be removed again.
And depending on the selected height you get under the high terrace a sheltered parking space for example, bicycles or garden tools. Depending on the height you have selected, it is even possible to create a covered seating area in the garden under the high terrace.
Advantages of self-construction of a high terrace compared to a specialist company
Why you prefer to build a high terrace instead of having it built by a craft business is primarily based on the financial sector. The professional construction of a high terrace can quickly reach amounts in the hundreds of thousands of euros.
Only a few people are willing and able to raise this sum because the costs far exceed the benefits. The self-construction of a high terrace, however, is possible with a few thousand euros, depending on size and special requests.
But not only from a financial point of view, the self-construction of a high terrace is worthwhile, but also for reasons of design and flexibility. When it comes to self-construction, the client is flexible with regard to design and wishes for change until the last hammer blow.
On the other hand, the commitment of a specialist company is usually binding and the options for variation are kept very tight and are usually remunerated at a surcharge.
And last but not least, you will be able to implement them yourself with your own ideas, since you know the design and its possibilities inside out. If one did not participate in the construction, later own contributions are also very difficult to bring in.

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