A hillside garden designed with love

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A hillside garden designed with love: designed

For hours you can enjoy the view over the pond from down here down to the village. The late summer sun makes grasses and flowers shine

The valley road snakes leisurely through the 800-person village of Ettenheimm├╝nster in the Ortenau district of Baden. Beyond the large church, the road climbs a bit, tapers off to a one-lane path after a few turns, and then it becomes steep. Very steep. The driveway of the Roth family can only be tackled in first gear, and the village lies at a far lower foot. From the terrace above the driveway Evi Roth waves down in greeting and from now on the ascent begins on foot. Via a staircase made of curbs and bark mulch, which leads through the naturally created front garden, one reaches - past a planted wooden chair and overflowing perennial beds - to the first level, the terrace. From here you can see a part of the rising behind the house main garden - about 2,000 square meters flower paradise on a steep slope.

Challenge and enthusiasm

hillside garden

The couple Evi and Walter Roth in their lovingly created Hanggarten paradise

She was aware of what she was getting into when Evi Roth moved into the newly acquired house with wilderness on the hillside with husband Walter and two daughters seven years ago. "I was looking forward to the challenge, because in my previous garden I was already bored because I had no more space to plant," says the administrative employee. Photos of earlier show on the hillside property meters high bramble scrub, trees from the adjacent forest and wild hedges - all the more awesome then one looks at the flowering garden, the hobby gardener has created here with her husband. Evi Roth has always been an enthusiastic gardener; her husband's desire to garden was only apparent after the move.

hillside garden

To put simple things in the limelight is a preference of Evi Roth. The wooden chair planted with house root adorns the front garden, the great Funkie the edge of the forest

"The key experience for me was when I shoveled a serpentine path with hack and spade on the slope for the removal of felled trees and was completely surprised how well it went from my hand," recalls the detective. "My enthusiasm was ignited and the first division of roles determined." On serpentine paths you climb today the hillside garden, sometimes it goes on bark mulch paths, sometimes on grass paths up. Every now and then paths branch off the main path, so that you can always explore the garden again.
Unequivocally, Evi Roth advances, tucks off the blooms in passing, or stops briefly to point out one of the many, mostly self-pulled plant rarities or successful color combinations. It is lunchtime, and even in late summer the sun is burning hot on the southern slope.

A hillside garden designed with love: Roth

When strolling along the serpentine paths always cozy places invite you to linger - including flower scenery

"You definitely have to be fit here," she says, taking a break on the lawn terrace. With a mini excavator, they initially terraced the slope so that you can unexpectedly enjoy the view on a lawn. "That makes you always on one level, even though you are on a slope," says the garden owner.

hillside garden

At eye level, the sandflower (Iberis) flowers in the terraced beds on the slope. The walls of natural stone were all built by themselves

Every bed has a different focus. Sometimes it's the color, as in the cream-colored bed. Here the white-colored summer phlox (Phlox paniculata 'Nora Leigh') with its green-beige leaves plays one of the main roles. However, his light pink flowers are consistent with Evi Roth, because Rosa would be out of place here. Or it is the division of the plants as in the mirror bed, which was planted symmetrically to the right and left of the path.

Perennials and stones

For some years Evi Roth has been a member of the Society of Perennial Friends and enjoys learning about new plants, multiplying them and finding the right place for them.

hillside garden

At the top, Walter Roth has built a little house with a comfortable couch for the noon hours. Further to the right is the pendant "Kirchblick-Hisli" with a corresponding view

In addition to the plants in a hillside garden, stones are the most important thing, as the couple is in agreement. Small walls of natural stone support the beds along the paths and provide a natural flair. The necessary material they got with the help of newspaper advertisements from the area. "In the first summer we set off at 35┬░ C on the way to a wall, the stones of which were to be released for self-destruction," says Walter Roth. Once there, they realized that another gentleman was already busy with the mining. Now it was about who could get the most stones home the fastest."Our gathered treasures were enough for a nice little wall, but it took us two days to recover from the hard work!" Adds Evi Roth, laughing.

hillside garden

Two stone pillars symbolize the gate to this romantic niche where white plants dominate

Loving details such as the arcade or the terrace pond make the climb to an experience. Walter Roth surprised his wife with a home-made, deceptively real-looking angler who sits calmly on the upper pond, including anglers bag. His old bike leans - as just turned off - at the top of the forest. Walter Roth built two cottages here: one with a midday lounger and a bookshelf, as well as the "Kirchblick Hisli" with a bed, a desk and a viewing bench. Walter and Evi Roth are happy with their hillside garden. They love the different levels, the flowerbeds along the paths, which always present their flowers at eye level, and the magnificent view of the valley. Any disadvantages? As Walter Roth only one thing comes to mind: "Football is not possible, there would be constant dispute, who brings the ball down in the village!"

Plant tricks for the sunny south slope

In order not to have to do without moisture-loving plants such as meadowsweet, gunnera or velvet hydrangea on the dry southern slope, Evi and Walter Roth also built wet beds: on the slope they shoveled about 70 cm deep pits, which are supported at the bottom by small stone walls. The floor was lined with perforated pond liner, then filled with a layer of gravel and topped with soil. Every two months, water is poured in with a hose - the plants feel as comfortable here as they would in a natural wetland and thrive magnificently.

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